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Established: 1999

Quick Facts: At one time was the standard in Sport Compact event coverage still has solid content and even exclusives

The Goods: Back in the peak of the Sport Compact frenzy, Urban Racer was at every single event. Today, they have a network of freelancers and have focused on other areas of the business. Urban Racer has some great connection which allows them to pick up world exclusives and cutting-edge news releases. Although they were heavily involved in drag racing at one point, they have rebounded nicely to cover other areas of the Sport Compact world after it literally fell off the radar of many tuners.




Established: 2005

Quick Facts: Run by hardcore OG drag racers the Speed Lounge is almost like a family business who report on the latest happenings in the Sport Compact world

The Goods: With a good amount of content covering events, news and features, the Speed Lounge is one of those places for readers to keep it real. The staff delivering the content are serious enthusiast who have been around for a long time and will stay Sport Compact fans. Their following on the east coast is solid and they can show their support by scooping up some of their EAT, SLEEP, RACE gear. Site owners have also built some very influential cars over the years featured in magazines the world over.




Established: 2005

Members: N/A

Quick Facts: From the Amateurs to the pros, Everything Drift has got your fix.

The Goods: With a solid following, our very own freelancer Jacob Leveton has committed his time to the fans of EverythingDrift.com. He travels the country following drifting from a serious enthusiast perspective. Everything is captured with stunning photos and great video of all kinds of events from the drift days, to the Pro Ams to Formula D, D1, XDC and the Drift Mania series in Canada.




Established: 2001

Quick Facts: Lots of coverage of drifting events with a great drifting forum frequented by the pros and the most hardcore guys out there

The Goods: If you want to learn more about drifting or want to get into, Drifting.com is the perfect place to start. The forum users on here are serious and newbs can learn a lot just by reading. The coverage comes in the forum of some killer photos from a network of photographers. The Drifting.com store is one of the better merchandizing efforts with sick t-shirt designs, DVDs and all instructional videos.




Established: 2003
Member Profile:
Very loyal to the Mazda brand and can meet all their needs with their products. Owners may have MazdaSpeed3 for literally everything but also may have Mazda5 for the wife and kids or perhaps a Mazda6 for business.
Quick Facts:
Canada’s best selling car has attracted a large group of diverse enthusiasts.
The Goods:
You may have a general question or concern about your Mazda3 and it will easily be answered by the knowledgeable members here.  However, if you question is more in depth such as tuning or a turbo install, the forums at TorontoMazda3.com have you covered. There are all kinds of topics there from sticky door locks to the serious stuff that happens on the dyno. Owners of the site are enthusiasts and owners of these cars, so they are passionate about keeping the forums entertaining and informative. Regular meets keep the community together and keep these popular cars reliable and fast.