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Turbosmart High Pressure Wastegates

Turbosmart is proud to announce the release of the new HP (high pressure) wastegate series – available for the UltraGate 38, CompGate 40, and HyperGate 45 models. The new Turbosmart HP wastegates are the highest pressure external wastegates on the market.

Turbosmart has designed and manufactured these new HP wastegates with 35 PSI springs as standard, and an optional 40PSI spring pack is available by request.

Turbosmart’s new HP wastegates retain the compact size and unparalleled light weight that Turbosmart is known for around the world, while also addressing the need for higher pressure operation. These new wastegates are only 28mm taller than the standard Turbosmart wastegates.

“Today’s Diesel customer and serious gas turbo race cars are pushing more boost than ever before.  Turbosmart is proud to be the first to offer this much boost capability on wastegate springs alone.  We’re always happy to be pushing the limits,” says Turbosmart Vice President and General Manager, Marty Staggs.

The HP wastegate line is perfect for any high-boost application wanting maximum boost capability.  Turbosmart HP wastegates are ideal for turbo diesel applications, and high boost drag cars.