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Racing Beat
Intake / Cold Air Duct

The Racing Beat High Flow Intake and Cold Air Duct for the 1999-2005 Mazda MX-5 should be a serious consideration for any Miata owner. This power-proven combo has been shown to yield 6+ HP gains for Miata applications. Available separately, these intake components can be installed by any weekend mechanic and provide noticeable performance improvements to throttle response and power. Both units are CARB exempt and 50-state emissions compliant.



Superflow Intake Kit

This Ractive intake system will fit the 2005-2010 Mazda 3 and comes complete with polished aluminum tubing, stainless steel clamps, breather filter and welded mass flow sensor bracket to ensure the engine gets a steady supply of cold air. The heart of the kit is the famous Ractive dual cone Superflow filter itself, which has been proven to breathe freely while effectively filtering out micron sized particles to protect your engine. Ractive extreme performance air intake kits are available for most popular vehicles. For more visit an authorized Ractive dealer or call (416) 299-7384.


Cold Air Intake

The dyno-tested TRD cold air intake system creates more horsepower and torque by bringing cooler, denser air to your engine from behind and below the headlight area. It features a patented high-flow, low-restriction air filter and Mandrel bent aluminum tubing that allows for smoother airflow to the engine. It also incorporates a patented air bypass valve that virtually eliminates any chance of hydro-lock due to water.


Velocity Stack (Turbo Horn)

Those looking to make big power in competition-level forced induction cars can benefit from the slightest modifications to give them that edge. When you have removed your filters, MAFS, piping and anything else that is connected to that monster single turbo, a Turbo Horn is a great addition. Sliding the horn over the compressor inlet, this stamped aluminum piece flares from 4-inches to 8-inches around the tip. The theory behind this piece is that, the velocity stack inspired design funnels in air from a larger area and creates a venture effect by speeding up as it rounds the radius into the inlet. The end result? More volume of air at a faster velocity, two essentials for gaining the most possible power.

Attack Cold Air Intake

The Takeda Attack Cold Air Intake for the 2006-2010 Honda Civic is a true cold air intake bringing in fresh air through the front of the vehicle, which increases air volume and improves air velocity for increased horsepower, torque and improved throttle response. Takeda utilizes specially designed 2-piece polished aluminum intake tubes to guide the air into the motor and provide an aggressive style. Takeda air intakes use the brand new Pro Dry S filter from aFe, which uses a progressive synthetic media, requiring no oil to recharge for maximum convenience and filtration.


Dragon Intake

The award-winning Weapon-R Dragon Intake System is CNC Mandrel Bent out of 6061 aluminum and then hand-tig welded to ensure a positive seal and proper fitment. Each intake systems is carefully tuned by matching the engines displacement, air intake capacity and airspeed to the intake systems tube size and length that will maximize every engines performance output. Our famous “Dragon Filter” provides maximum airflow, with the protection of high quality dense poly urethane foam and features a computer CAD designed and flow bench tested velocity stack.