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Tire Buyer's Guide - 2010
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General Tire


Size-Range: 14-inch to 18-inch

Profiles: 65 to 40 series

USA - www.generaltire.com

CAN - www.generaltire.ca


General Tire
Exclaim UHP

Category:Ultra-High Performance

Size-Range: 15 to 24-inch

Profiles: 25 to 55

USA - www.generaltire.com

CAN - www.generaltire.ca


Toyo Tires
Proxes R888

Category: R-Compound

Size-Range: 13 to 19-inch

Profiles: 30 to 60

USA - www.toyo.com

CAN - www.toyotires.ca


Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec

Category: Ultra-High Performance

Size-Range: 15 to 18-inch

Profiles: 35 to 55

USA - www.dunloptires.com

CAN - www.dunlop.ca

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SP Sport Maxx TT

Category: Maximum Performance

Size-Range: 16 to 22-inch

Profiles: 30 to 55

USA - www.dunloptires.com

CAN - www.dunlop.ca


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