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Carbon Products


Seibon Carbon makes your car cool, lighter, and stronger by dressing it in carbon-fiber and Dry Carbon. Utilizing deluxe French or US-made carbon fiber, and rigorously-inspected during a multiple-step quality control process, the carbon-fiber upgrades from Seibon Carbon are the ultimate choice in aerodynamic performance. Seibon Carbon, specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality carbon-fiber automotive body components such as hoods, trunks, fenders, doors, roofs and aerodynamic body additions such as lip kits, side skirts, and rear spoilers.

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BRS Autodesign
Second Gen xB widebody kit

Check out the sickest Scion xB wide body kit on the market. The new Scion xB is the perfect platform to release this durable high quality body kit. BRS Autodesign produces its own line of designer body kits and accessories. BRS Autodesign delivers custom designed body kits to customers who wanted their cars to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Whether it is to win awards or just roll in style, BRS designs deliver custom body work that is guaranteed to turn heads.


Lip Kit


Carbodykits.com your premier source for body kits, now offers addCarbon technology. Now you can order any fiberglass body kit and have it custom laid with real carbon fiber.  Since each project is individually tailored to your tastes, the possibilities are endless. In addition to body kits, addCarbon is available on hoods, spoilers, fenders and interior pieces.







BMW Performance
Black Grille


The BMW Performance front grille is a striking design detail that perfectly complements the uncompromising styling of the BMW Performance aerodynamic components, in a way that will win your heart at first glance. For more see your local BMW retailer.


BMW Performance
1-Series Aero


The exciting look was inspired by the BMW World Touring Cars. And their aerodynamic efficiency has been proven in countless wind-tunnel tests: increased downforce and improved aerodynamic balance translate into superior vehicle responses. The kit comprises a front apron, rear apron and side skirts, and can be enhanced further with additional components.


BMW Performance
Aero Front Splitter


The BMW Performance front splitter is designed to separate the airflow under the car into two streams, improving front-axle aerodynamic performance. However, this is only one of the reasons why it makes the perfect complement to the BMW Performance aerodynamic kit: its sharp-edged curves are a continuation of the same visual language, while the use of high-tech carbon makes it particularly striking as a design feature.



BMW Performance
Carbon Fiber Diffuser


Sporting pedigree, power, performance these are the things that matter to a BMW driver. And these are the things that they get from the BMW Performance diffuser in carbon. Its high-tech styling will draw admiring glances everywhere it goes, and it further enhances the already outstanding aerodynamic balance of your BMW.

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