In anticipation of the new Goodyear Assurance ComforTread Touring tire release, Goodyear was kind enough to give editors and media an opportunity to feel the difference the new tire makes while driving along Highway 1 in Monterey, California.

With the beautiful scenery of the Northern California coast, along with the swooping mountain tops in the distance, the feel of a true touring vehicle and comfort became extremely refined.

The all-new Assurance ComforTred Touring is not a brand new tire, but a redesigned tire. With the revamp comes a smooth, comfortable ride, offering luxurious handling, all-season traction and a tread life limited warranty up to 80,000 miles. In addition to all of this, the new ComforTread still offers the signature “touring” and “comfort” feel that you have become to expect from Goodyear.

The ComforTread, which is now available at Goodyear retail outlets, is now manufactured with dual comfort zones: a special comfort layer and the ComfortEdge layer. The comfort layer is lined under the tread and provides 20% more cushion than standard tires, for a smooth and comfortable ride. The ComfortEdge, on the other hand, has a sidewall insert which employs a rubber layer that helps absorb road vibration in straight-ahead driving, and a stiffer rubber material that helps keep the tire firm for added support when turning.

The amount of testing and analyzing that went into this new tire design is astonishing. The wet channels are manufactured with deep groves in the tread to enhance the water traction, which was exemplified in the wet course. On the 180° turn in comparison even to Goodyear’s last ComforTread tire tread design, the new tire connected its grip a lot quicker and allows the driver to be able to point and steer in the direction they want to travel in with ease.

What we noticed, when driving the vehicles equipped with the Assurance ComforTread in comparison to competitor tires, was that the tire absorbs much more of the road impact than the suspension. The potholes and inconsistencies in the road become quick, sporadic shocks, instead of the usual longer vibrations and shockwaves sent through the tire into the suspension and felt in the cabin.

For a tire that is aimed at vehicles in the “touring” platform, Goodyear has done an excellent job innovating a tire that performs extremely well in the respects of handling and performance.

The tire offers a drive that has unsurpassed performance, smooth and extremely quiet that anyone driving a sports sedan, or touring vehicle will know matches perfectly to their vehicle.

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