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Bahara Golestani

Name: Bahara Golestani

Birth date: June 1

Location: Los Angeles, California

Zodiac Sign: Gemini



Measurements: 34/24/35

Ethnicity (Mother/Father): Middle Eastern

Turn-ons: Great Sense of humor becau [ … ]

Jenny Milstead

With a striking combination of beauty, brains and ambition, there is definitely a lot more to Jenny Milstead than meets the eye, which is quite a statement in itself. The Texas-born brunette stands out, due in no small measure to her exotic Korean, German and Cherokee Indian ancestry, which defin [ … ]

Aja Chaohanhsy


Aja Chaohanhsy


April Joy

Ashley Acevedo

Ashley Malia

Chean Labuen

Christine Barnum

Danielle Lo

Ela Pasion

Eliza Tee

Eva Skpe

Gabby Jeanna

Genenevec Chanelle

Grace Kwan

Hailey Pham

[ … ]
Sandy Garza

Whether it’s posing for magazines like Playboy and Maxim or on the set of a music video shoot, Sandy Garza’s bubbly personality and Girl-next-door looks always gets her noticed. Hailing from Texas with a Mexican background, Sandy attributes her hard-work mentality to her father and dedication a [ … ]

Claudia Verella Exposed

Known for her fiery temper, this pint-sized Latina knows what she wants and has been hard at work making it happen. For more than 10 years, Claudia Verela has been doing photoshoots around the world, but those waiting to see her pose in the nude shouldn’t hold their breath. She has done it once and [ … ]