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  • Model of the Week: Halina Miranda

    The Essentials

    Name (First/Last): Halina Miranda

    Birth date (mm/dd/yyyy): July 8th

    Location (City, State/Province): San Francisco, CA

    Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    Height: 5’5’’

    Weight: 125lbs

    Measurements: 34DD-24-38

    Ethnicity (Mother/Father): Polish/Spanish/Mexican

    [ … ]
    Model of the Week: Keo Necra

    The Essentials

    Name (First/Last): Keo Necra

    Birth date (mm/dd/yyyy): April 29th

    Location (City, State/Province): Swaggerville, Manitoba

    Zodiac Sign: Taurus

    Height: 5"1

    Weight: 115lbs

    Measurements: 34B

    Ethnicity (Mother/Father):  French and Vietnamese

    Loca [ … ]

    Model of the Week: Melissa Latham

    The Essentials

    Name (First/Last): Melissa Latham
    Birth date (mm/dd/yyyy): 12/14/1984
    Location (City, State/Province): Orlando, FL
    Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 145 Measurements: 34C/26/36.5
    Ethnicity (Mother/Father): black/native american
    Turn-ons: Tall men, Athletic men, amazing sm [ … ]

    Model of the Week: Rosalyn Perez

    The Essentials

    Name (First/Last): Rosalyn Perez

    Birth date (mm/dd/yyyy): 04/26/1987

    Location (City, State/Province): Bronx, NY USA

    Zodiac Sign: Taurus

    Height: 5’3

    Weight: 130lbs

    Measurements: 36C/22in/31in

    Ethnicity (Mother/Father): Puerto Rican!

    Turn-ons: Tuners, [ … ]

    Model of the Week: Lauren La Carriere

    The Essentials

    Name (First/Last): Lauren La Carriere

    Birth date (mm/dd/yyyy): 10/27

    Location (City, State/Province): Orange County, CA

    Zodiac Sign: scorpio

    Height: 5’3

    Weight: 108 lbs

    Measurements: 32C-24-34

    Ethnicity (Mother/Father): hispanic, middle eastern, french, polish

    Location: Ora [ … ]

    Model of the Week: Katina Karl

    The Essentials

    Name (First/Last): Katina Karl
    Birth date (mm/dd/yyyy): January 30th
    Location (City, State/Province): Wellington, FL
    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
    Height: 5'1"
    Weight: 102
    Measurements: 30C-24-30
    Ethnicity (Mother/Father): Greek
    Turn-ons: Good music
    Turn-offs: Bad Hygene
    Pet Peeves: Disorganization
    W [ … ]

    Model of the Week: Ruvi Bazaz

    The Essentials

    Name (First/Last): Ruvi B

    Birth date (mm/dd/yyyy): December 10th

    Location (City, State/Province): Sacramento, CA but planning on relocating to Southern California soon. I’ve always wanted to live close to the beach and San Diego is one of my favorite cities!

    Zodiac Sign: Sagitta [ … ]

    Model of the Week: Ashley Vee

    The Essentials

    Name: Ashley Vee

    Birth date: January 12, 1987

    Location (City, State/Province): Vallejo, CA

    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

    Height: 5’2

    Weight: 100

    Measurements: 32 – 24 - 34

    Ethnicity (Mother/Father): Filipino

    Turn-ons: Definitely a man who can make [ … ]

    Model of the Week: Gina Tee

    The Essentials

    Name (First/Last): Gina Tee

    Location (City, State/Province): San Francisco

    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

    Height: 5’1

    Weight: 105

    Measurements: 36-24-38

    Ethnicity (Mother/Father):  Thai/Cambodian

    Turn-ons: Guys in business suits ;)

    Turn-offs: Clingy [ … ]

    Model of the Week: Johanna MacDougall

    The Essentials


    Name (First/Last): Johanna MacDougall

    Location (City, State/Province): Vancouver, B.

    Zodiac Sign: Taurus

    Height: 5' 6"

    Weight: 120lbs

    Measurements: Bust- 32 , Waist- 25, Hips-35 , Dress-2, Shoe- 6.5

    Ethnicity (Mother/Father): French/Native/Irish (caucasian)

    Turn-ons: [ … ]