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PAS 2018 Tuning Essentials Style 5 Cover

STYLE MAY BE SUBJECTIVE, BUT WHEN SOMETHING REALLY LOOKS GOOD, IT’S HARD NOT TO NOTICE. When it comes to automotive style, there are countless subsections and niches to look at – thankfully, we think we’ve managed to cover all the [ … ]

PAS 2018 148 Cover Final

Spring Tune-Up. The snow is gone now, right? I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like winter came and went about three times before spring decided to show up and punch it square in the face. Now that spring is here though, it brings with us the excitement of car show season! And if you l [ … ]

PAS 2018 TE Trucks8 Cover V02

In this issue of PASMAG Tuning Essentials: Trucks Vol. 8, we decided to show some lowered love. Two low-riding trucks on our cover? That has to be some kind of record. Our main cover truck is Neil Tjin’s F-150 that was slammed over 24s to be a SEMA show-stopper. It definitely stopped us in o [ … ]

PAS 2018 147 Feb Mar Cover

We're back from yet another exciting and exhausting SEMA show, and boy do we have a bunch of cool stuff to show you. The show gave us our annual fill of inspiration and admiration, and we can't wait to pass some of it along to our readers in this issue. Before we dive into the big show, we have a [ … ]

PASMAG Dec Jan 2017 146 001


Land of the freeway. Home of the burnout.

Do you remember the days when muscle car was synonymous with sports car? When the only tuning you needed could be done with a flat-head screwdriver and a socket wrench? The game has certainly changed, but the spirit of American metal is still aliv [ … ]