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PAS 2016 Tuning Essentials Japan 2nd Edition Cover USA

Yokoso! That means "welcome" in Japanese. It took me a lot of Google searching to confirm that that was right.

If you haven’t gathered from the cover and what you’ve seen thus far, this is our Japan special issue of [ … ]

PASMAG 138 Aug Sept 2016 Euro Cover USA


I'd just like to start off by profusely apologizing for that title pun. I have this problem where I think I’m hilarious.

Anyway… Welcome to PASMAG’s August/September issue, which we’ve added a nice Euro twist to. [ … ]

PASMAG Tuning Essentials Trucks 4th Edition

Truckin' Right. Oh yes we did! PASMAG is back with another TRUCKS edition, and this time we’ve got some great stuff for you guys (as if we don’t every other time).

We took some fantastic feature trucks, the latest trending news and the hott [ … ]

PASMAG #137 June-July 2016 Cover USA

The Quest for Power.

There comes a time in every car owners’ life when you want more power. For me, since I own an FR-S, it's every time I have to go uphill. And with the aftermarket as it is today, there are almost endless possibilities as to wh [ … ]

PASMAG 2016 Tuning Essentials Style Book 3rd Edition Cover

Style is an aspect in the automotive sphere that has been totally reinvented by enthusiasts in recent years. It wasn’t too long ago that some of the more impressive VIP builds were considered the pinnacle of vehicular style. We’re not saying  [ … ]