COBB Short Shifter

COBB Tuning

Short Shifters

Our revolutionary Double Adjustable Shifter ushers in a new generation of adjustability for one of the most critical links from driver to car with the ability to control both the height of the shifter as well as the throw. The COBB Blue anodized billet shifter body is CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum. Like our original design, the shift throw distance and shift knob height are independently adjustable and both can easily be adjusted with the shifter installed in the vehicle. Compatible with the factory shift knob or any aftermarket knobs designed to replace the factory unit. Available for all Imprezas, WRX, STI, Legacy GT and 5-speed EVO X.
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GlowShift 7 Color Series


7 Color Gauge Series

GlowShift launches the next generation of its 7 Color Gauge Series. This new generation now features microprocessor controlled stepper motor technology for smooth needle movement and extremely accurate gauge readings, along with all the same features our customers have come to expect such as, 7-color through dial lighting and electronic sensors. Another great feature is a dimmer wire that will dim your gauges when your headlights are turned on for easier nighttime driving. Our 7 Color Series Gauges are offered in three different styles.
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AEM Digital Wideband Air and Fuel Gauge


Digital Wideband Air / Fuel Gauge

AEM’s legendary Wideband O2 Air/Fuel UEGO Gauge unites unsurpassed accuracy, speed and control with an easy to read, digital interface. This gauge-type controller features a digital LED display and sweeping LED “needle” that changes colors as AFR changes from rich to lean. The unit’s 52mm (2-1/16”) gauge housing fits in most gauge pods and can be remotely mounted virtually anywhere. All AEM digital gauges feature a 0-5v analog output for use with dataloggers and virtually any engine management system, such as the AEM EMS or FIC.
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Mitsubishi SW

Ace Custom Steering LLC

Evo X Rally Performance Steering Wheel

The Evo X Rally Performance Steering Wheel transforms the interior appearance for Mitsubishi owners, giving them larger, more comfortable, and higher performance feeling grip for their wheel. Owners can customize their steering wheel with a variety of color options. The body of the steering wheel, the accents, and even thread colors are chosen by the owner to fit their specific tastes. Ace Custom Steering wheels are handcrafted from OEM quality parts and materials in the USA, and are backed by an industry leading 3-year warranty on all materials and workmanship.

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Innovate Motorsports

Innovate Motorsports

“Digital MTX” Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

Digital MTX, the world’s fastest responding wideband air/fuel ratio gauge! The Digital MTX utilizes Innovate’s patented Direct Digital technology that responds 180 milliseconds faster than all other technology on the market. The integrated wideband controller simplifies wiring since the O2 sensor can be plugged directly into the gauge. The included sensor is compatible with all popular fuel types and can be easily calibrated to compensate for wear, changes in atmosphere or other variables. The Digital MTX also features a unique weatherproof body and includes 2 gauge bezels (black/silver) and 2 faceplates (black/white).
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Password JDM Balanced Shift Knobs


Balanced Shift Knobs

A shift knob is often the most overlooked mod you can get for your car. It’s more than just the way it looks, it’s also the way it feels in the palm of your hands and while you’re driving. Too light, and it feels like a ping pong ball, too heavy and it feels like a brick that will break something. Ideally, you’d want something in between. This is why we came up with the PWJDM Balanced Shift knob. This shift knob by design was well thought out, just like all of our products, we engineer things thoroughly and well ahead of the competition. Applications: Honda, Acura, Nissan and Scion.
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Want Gauges? This is the app for that. DashCommand is the ultimate OBD-II vehicle instrumentation application available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android powered devices. The built-in dashboards can display a total of 27 gauges pulling data directly from your ride’s engine control module. DashCommand can also be used as a scan tool to read and clear the trouble codes that cause the “check engine light” to turn on, a trip computer, or a race day companion.
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Sportsman Pro


sportsman pro x seat

Procar by SCAT’s new sport recliner Sportsman Pro “X” seat features a carbon fiber back for maximum strength and durability. It features include a micro recliner mechanism which allows you to adjust the seat back to ensure maximum comfort and an adjustment lever which allows the seat to be moved forward for easy access to the rear. Sportsman Pro “X” seats offer a nice range of fabrics and colors, making this new seat by Procar the perfect choice for your custom interior. Procar also offers brackets for thousands of applications, ensuring a trouble free installation.

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DSD-Series & V2-Series

STRI Racing Electronics, manufacturer of today’s and tomorrow’s racing gauges offers two different series, the new DSD-series and new V2 Series. Both provide hardcore enthusiasts with the features and accuracy they demand. The precision, performance and durability of the new STRI gauges are elevated from previous versions, yet the price-point remains very competitive. Features include Full Electronic, Peak Recall, Auto Self-Calibration, 270 Degree Sweep, Short circuit auto detect, Sequential open / closing mode, LED Dimmer function. All sensors included.

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MOMO Steering Wheel


Nero Steering Wheel

Top Grain leather with Alcantara insert and chrome accent rings. 350mm diameter.
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BMW Performance Steering Wheel


Performance Sport Steering Wheel

One glance at the race inspired design of the BMW Performance sport steering wheel with Alcantara trims and grip area tells you that everything is under control even when you’re driving at the absolute limit. A three-section display built into the top of the rim allows drivers to call up a variety of motorsport-related data and functions, including lap times, split times, maximum acceleration and speed, and the time taken for the quarter-mile sprint. It also shows gear shift indicator prompts, water and oil temperature readings, and figures for straight-line and lateral acceleration. (Must be used in accordance with the rules of the road).

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ZR-1 Blue BlackBezel


ZR-1 AFR/Lambda Gauge

The ZR-1 display has a stylish brushed aluminum or black anodized bezel. An outer ring of multicolor LEDs indicate AFR readings and the high contrast red or blue digital readout is visible even in direct sunlight. The outer bezel diameter is 60 mm with a 52 mm inner diameter on the back. The thickness of the gauge is a very slim 0.75” (19 mm) and includes an inset wire allowing for easy surface mounting. The ZR-1 AFR/Lambda Gauge also has a peak-hold feature allowing review of peak AFR and Lambda values.
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SPARCO 4 Point Harness


4 Point Harness

All Sparco Harness belts and hardware components feature fighter aircraft grade quality and are designed to ensure comfort, support, and safety. The 4 Point Harness is no different. Originally developed for Formula 1, this belt configuration has a Double-Brace belt to keep the driver grounded in his/her seat. The driver’s brace has a robust 3” tape, while the collar brace measures 2” for improved coupling with the collar surface. New buckles present a satin-finish aluminum cover and longer release levers allow for effortless release activation when seconds count.
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T2 Dry Carbon Fiber Seat


T2 Dry Carbon Fiber Seat

The T2 line of Dry Carbon Seats is spine formed to the back side of a normal torso, the Tecnocraft T2 line of seats is about as comfortable as it gets. There were no shortcuts made to get where we are today. The design came out of necessity because the marketplace started to demand a more comfortable seat. Compared to the Tecnocraft T1, we shortened the lower thigh supports to allow a more comfortable entry/exit and added more support to the upper torso because it was needed.
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XS Power VCM

XS Power

VCM (Voltage Control Module)

XS Power’s VCM (Voltage Control Module) easily plugs in-line with your factory (or high amp) alternator and transforms it into an adjustable, digitally controlled performance module. The display unit is dash-mountable and features a backlit digital display. Voltage can be adjusted right on the panel in 0.1V increments and be set anywhere from 14.5V – 19.5V, allowing it to be fine-tuned for optimum performance. The VCM unit can work with any 12V, 14V or 16V battery. It compliments XS Power’s new 14V AGM battery quite well, which creates a quick and easy upgrade for extra power and control.
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T3 Dry Carbon
Fiber Seat

The Tecnocraft T3 line of seat utilizes the factory seat rails and hardware for that simply brilliant concept known as plug and play! There’s no cutting, tucking, or replacing of the factory brackets or sliders. What it takes to install the Tecnocraft T3 seat into a 111 platform is simply to remove your OE seat assembly and replacing the factory seat with the T3. Plug the new assembly back in and go out and play as you desire with the most comfortable feel which truly redefines the “driving experience” that we all crave so much.
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Prior Design PD800S Aero Kit for 2013+ (W222) Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Take your S-Class to the next level with Prior Design’s newest aero kit. Made from a high quality fiberglass and duraflex mix, the kit contains a front bumper with lip spoiler, rear add-on with diffuser, side skirts, front fender add-on…
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NIA Auto Design Splitter Kit for 2017+ Toyota 86

Want to give your Toyota 86 an aggressive stance? The NIA splitter does just that. Bolts right on the bottom of your car with your factory clips and supportive screws. Made from ABS Plastic in a Miami factory, making them…
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FiSiK Aero NSN Wide Body Flare Kit

This widebody fender flare kit allows users to run a much wider and more aggressive wheel and tire setup. This kit includes all 6 fender flare pieces. Optional installation is available. VEHICLE: Subaru Impreza 08-11, Subaru WRX 08-10 AVAILABLE COLORS/FINISHES:…
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Bodykits, Exterior & Lighting Buyer`s Guide - 2011

BMW M Body Kit M Aerodynamic Package High-performance driving demands balance, finesse and confidence. The BMW M Aerodynamic Package provides all these components and highlights the sporty pedigree of the BMW 3 Series. The package comprises of a front apron,…
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ARK Performance Solus Wide Body Kit (2014-2016 Lexus IS)

ARK Performance is proud to release the Solus Wide Body Kit for the 2014-16 Lexus IS. The Solus kit enhances the appearance of the Lexus IS, giving it a more aggressive and sporty stance. ARK Advantages and Features:- Direct Bolt-on…
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