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The most striking feature of this vehicle is the cutting edge exterior. The outrageous sharp lines are easily as current today as they were five years ago. The sinister satin black paint scheme may appear common today but this was one of the first whips to rock it. The progress of our quirky, fast-paced tuner scene was rapid during the past two decades. If we can assume the trend really kicked off in Cali in, say 1990, we are talking about 20 years, and the growth has been exponential. There are many people who can take credit for it in the drag, drift and show scenes. The old hot-rod guys know we are the future of car modification and can run with the big blocks with minimal mods. Then there are guys like Troy Sumitumo, who have pushed the envelope of Sport Compact styling and put cars like the Scion on the map.

Sumitumo is not the type of tuner that uses off the shelf parts, but rather manufacturers everything in his lab at Five:Axis Designs.

Sumitumo’s experience with the Scion, led Toyota execs to the conclusion that he could give their Lexus IS line a boost as well. The already successful IS was popular with the tuning market but Toyota wanted to ensure that the IS, more importantly the high performance IS-F, received more purchase consideration over other sport sedans. With that, they gave him $1 cars and the funds to roll out incredible projects like this IS-F that garnered huge media attention and stood out over the decade of the 2000s.

Sumitumo is not the type of tuner that uses off the shelf parts, but rather manufacturers everything in his lab at Five:Axis Designs. Sure, you might find some familiar name brands on the car, but then again, all of those products are likely prototypes since Sumitumo received the IS-F before it was released to the public. Since its debut at SEMA 2006, the car was briefly shelved but has been reborn just in time for our 10th Anniversary issue, a more ideal story we couldn’t make up.

The most striking feature of this vehicle is the cutting edge exterior. The outrageous sharp lines are easily as current today as they were five years ago. The sinister satin black paint scheme may appear common today but this was one of the first whips to rock it. The body work consists of a one-off Five: Axis widebody which was fabricated to widen the track by 6-inches. The extensive modifications were then drenched in several coats of SEM Products black satin named “Hod Rod Black.” A handful of satin bronze accents were added to pull them out in a paint scheme Sumitumo describes as “very effective.”

The look of the wheels is also a design that inspired his line-up, which is now available to the public. The FIVE:AD Onyx S5:F wheels may have an unusual name but their looks are timeless. The satin bronze painted wheels measure 20x8.5-inches and 20x10.5-inches in the backyard with aggressive offsets. The Advan Sport tires were supplied by project partner Yokohama in 245/30R20 and 295/25R20 for mega-grip. The correct stance was afforded by TEIN FLEX coilovers and custom camber adjusters for extreme flushness. The braking was delegated to Brembo, who promptly supplied a set of their GTs, a 380mm/6-piston monoblock in the front, with 345mm/2-pistons in the rear.

All of the additional grip was necessary since this isn’t your average IS-F. Under the hood is Yamaha’s potent quad-cam V8 mill but it has been modified to crank out more ponies. The cylinders were bored to 100mm and stroked to make the 5.0L powerplant displace 5.8L. The holes were plugged with custom JE Pistons using a 12.8:1 compression ratio connected to Dyers rods. The heads were removed and fully ported and polished then filled with titanium intake valves and stainless exhaust values. The intake and exhaust are all custom stainless steel designed to open up the airways. Using a stronger nitrided crankshaft, the 5.8L is rumored to churn out 550whp to put the hurt on those 295s.


RCH_1227_th RCH_1238_th RCH_6237_th



Owner: Troy Sumitumo of Five: Axis Designs
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Vehicle: Prototype Lexus IS-F


Yamaha 5.0L Quad-cam V8


Bored to 100mm and stroked to 91.5mm to yield 5.8L
Forged JE Pistons
12.8:1 compression ratio
Titanium intake and stainless steel exhaust valves
Nitrided crankshaft
Dyers connecting rods
Custom fabricated low restriction system with dual finishers


Yokohama Advan Sport
F:  245/30R20
R:  295/25R20
FIVE:AD Onyx S5:F Wheels
F: 20x8.5-inch
R: 20x10.5-inch
Brembo GT Brakes
F:  380mm/6-piston
R:  345mm/2-piston


TEIN FLEX Coilovers


Five:Axis 6-inch Widebody Conversion
SEM Products “Hot Rod Black” Satin Paint
Satin Bronze Accents


Uniquely Appointed Five Axis Interior Trim and Color
Chilewich floor mats
Five: Axis Sculpted Front and Rear Seats Upholstered in Alcantara
with Garrett Basket Weave Leather and Stainless Steel Woven Inserts
Material Specifications by Zing Design
Upholstery by Turinmodel Inc.


Pioneer Reference Series
DEX-P99RS Reference Series CD Player
PRS-A900 Reference Series 400.4 Amplifier x2
PRS-D1200SPL Reference Series 1200.1 Mono Amplifier x2
TS-C172PRS Reference Series 6.75-inch Component Speakers x2
TS-S062PRS Reference Series Component Speakers x2
TS-W252PRS Reference Series 10-inch Subwoofers
Pear Audio Cables, Connectors, and Speaker Wires


Sumotumo has a design education and that clearly shows through in everything he does, including the interior. The Five:Axis crew reconstructed the seats and had Turinmodel Inc. reupholster them in Alcantara basketweave leather and stainless steel weave inserts. The materials were spec’ed out by Zing Design for results that really have no equal.  From the custom floormats, to the exclusive prototype interior treatment by Five: Axis, the results surely made Lexus interior designers envious.

Sumitumo has many staunch allies in his projects and none are more visible than Pioneer. His projects get huge visibility for the company and they are more than thrilled to supply product and cut checks to help with the build. Pioneer Marketing guru Jaed Arazon decided a top level project like this could only roll with their exclusive Pioneer reference line. At the core of the system is the DEX-P99RS Reference Series CD player pumping out signals for amplification. The mids and highs head to a pair of PRS-A900 Reference Series 400.4 amps which feed TS-S062PRS Reference Series and a pair of TS-C172PRS Reference Series component speakers. The bass lines are directed to twin PRS-D1200SPL Reference Series mono amps driving two TS-W252PRS Reference Series 10-inch subs. The system is linked with Pear interconnects, speaker wire and power wire for clean, noise-free sound.

Sumitumo has come a long during the past decade, but it has been far from easy. The labor of his love has converted to success and has built some of the most recognizable tuner cars of the decade hands down. His project partners will hop onboard any project he tackles and his influence has spread throughout the World. Now his line of products are available for your project as well, to achieve an end result that took him many sleepless nights to bring to the mainstream.



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