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    On Point: 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Wagon

    Umair Zubair is not new to building magazine-worthy cars. His previous builds have graced magazine covers around the world and his Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT wagon is built with the same attention-to-detail that's landed his previous builds many accolades and awards. Originally purchased as a daily driver to haul his family around, the modding bug bit hard and just a few bolt-ons soon turned into a full-fledged SEMA build.

    Outside, the car is covered in sponsor graphics and, though it may appear to simply be lowered with some wheels, there are some subtle changes to give the GT Wagon an updated look an appeal to the enthusiast. For starters, the Balsarini front and rear bumpers are imported from Japan along with the bumper beams to make them fit properly. R-Rev carbon fiber side strakes accent the OE skirts while the taillights are replaced with the JDM equivalents.

    Under the hood, a Perrin top-mount intercooler and Nitrous Express dry kit pumps up the horsepower. A K&N intake, Perrin turbo manifold and down-pipe as well as a Magnaflow exhaust take care of the airflow while the engine bay has been prettied up with some JDM Stance covers, a color-matched engine cover, Subaru Performance Tuning oil cap and battery tie down, plus a powder-coated radiator and hood stay brackets.

    On Point: 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Wagon

    On Point: 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Wagon On Point: 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Wagon

    On Point: 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Wagon

    In 2011, Cusco approached Zubair to feature the car in its booth at SEMA and the major transformation began. The suspension is completely overhauled and now features a full array of Cusco products, including several parts that were air-freighted just before the SEMA Show. Cusco Zero2E coil-overs with upper pillow mounts and E-CON in-cabin controls are stuffed under each corner of the car with Cusco strut bars and sway bars tying everything together. Beneath the car a complete set of floor support bars and complementary bushings Whiteline, which also supplied an anti-lift kit, positive shift kit, anti-bumpsteer kit and camber adjustment kit to keep the alignment and steering feel in check. Many undercarriage and suspension pieces are powder-coated in Cusco's trademark blue to tie the whole car together.

    Rolling stock is managed by a set of 19-inch VIP Modular VR-08 wheels wrapped in Falken Ziex 453 rubber. Stopping is handled through six-piston forged Rotora brakes clamping down on two-piece vented rotors in the front and two-piston forged calipers in the rear. Stainless steel lines and ATE Super Blue brake fluid keep the brake system working perfectly.

    The cabin features a plethora of fresh upgrades designed to keep the driver comfortable. Bride Cuga seats up front are paired with matching gradation-trimmed rear seats to keep all passengers comfortable. Takata harnesses are paired with a custom one-off Cusco seven-point cage for safety. A Nardi steering wheel attached to a Works Bell hub and Rapfix system enables steering while a slew of STRI gauges monitor the engine vitals. Matching water and oil temperature, oil pressure, EGT and voltmeter gauges are housed in custom gauge pods found in the center console and on the A-pillar.

    On Point: 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Wagon On Point: 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Wagon

    In the trunk is a custom stereo setup boasting a slew of Polk equipment assembled by Al & Ed's Autosound in Ontario, Calif., including Polk four-ohm 12-inch dual voice coil subwoofers mounted in a custom plexiglass-trimmed and LED-lit box.

    Two D4000.4 amplifiers and a D1001.1 amp are mounted on custom floating amp racks to trim out the trunk. The entire car is dynamatted to remove all squeaks and rattles while Monster Cable replaces the OEM wiring front to back. Up front, the soundstage is filled by MM5251 component sets in all four doors and the very first Clarion NZ502 head unit to come off the 2012 production line. Sitting in the car and watching a movie or listening to music is truly a treat for the ears.

    Zubair built the car over the course of a year and turned it from a daily driver into the head-turner you see here. While it’s no longer the family hauler it was originally intended to be, it has become a rolling showcase for his sponsors’ products and a trophy collector for himself at car shows all throughout California and surrounding areas.

    Vehicle: 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Wagon
    Owner: Umair Zubair
    Location: Calif.
    Engine: 2.5L Turbo

    Perrin intercooler
    Nitrous Express dry nitrous system
    K&N air filter
    Bosch Platinum IR Fusion spark plugs
    Cusco (radiator heat shield, radiator brackets, oil catch can)
    SPT (oil cap, battery tie down)
    JDM Stance (ABS cover, battery cover)

    Magnaflow (cat-back exhaust and tip)
    Perrin (equal length headers, up-pipe, down-pipe)
    Cusco exhaust bushings

    Cusco LSD
    Whiteline differential mount bushings (f/r)

    Cusco (Zero 2E coil-overs (f/r), upper pillow mounts, E-Con controller, upper strut tower bar (f/r), strut bars (f/r), sway bars (f/r), sway bar linkage (f/r), version 2 support bar, floor front side, center (r/l), rear side support bar, version 1 support front bar (r/r), seven-point roll cage, polished stabilizing bars (x3))
    Whiteline (anti-lift kit, front inner control arm bushings, positive shift kit, roll center and bump-steer kit, steering rack bushing kit, Legacy GT camber adjustment kit, adjustable rear control arm kit, controls arm, rear center bracket, control arms (f/r), urethane bushings)


    VIP Modular VR-08 wheels – 19x8.5 with 1.5-inch lip (f), 2-inch lip (r)
    Falken Azenis FK-453 tires – 235/35 ZR19 (f/r)
    Rotora Brakes (Street Challenge RF6 six-piston forged calipers (f), FC2 two-piston forged calipers (r), 13-inch vented discs (f/r), stainless steel blue lines)
    H2 ceramic pads
    Super Blue ATE brake fluid

    Balsarini Japan (body kit, JDM bumper beam (f/r), grilles)
    Cusco blue hood stay bracket
    R-Rev carbon fiber body sprats for side skirts
    JDM OEM Legacy taillights and fog lights

    Razo (RA 25 Onyx shift knob, Formula Spec RP 112 pedals)
    Nardi Classic steering wheel
    STRI DSD white dial gauges (boost, water temperature, oil pressure, exhaust temperature, voltmeter)
    Al & Ed' Autosound (custom built cubby pod and gauge trim)
    Bride (Cuga seats and seat rails)
    Takata four-point racing harnesses
    Works Bell (Rapfix GTC system, Subaru small hub)
    Custom leather, genuine Bride gradation fabric, tone leather, custom Subaru black dye (SEM) interior upholstering

    Clarion NZ502 head unit
    Polk Audio (MM 5251 5.25-inch component sets (x3), MM 521 5.25-inch coaxial speakers, 12-inch MM 1240-DVC subwoofers (x3), D4000.4 amplifier (x2), D1001.1 amplifier)
    Monster Cable (power and speaker cables, terminal battery connectors)
    Optima battery
    Dynamat sound-deadening material

    Cusco Progressive Suspension, Prestige Marketing, Falken Tire, Rotora Brakes, Polk Audio, VIP Modular Wheels, Nitrous Express, Al & Ed's Autosound (Ontario), Clarion, STRI Gauges, Whiteline, Magnaflow, Takata (Tein USA), Bride (Lots USA), Modern Image Graphics, Dynamat, Optima Batteries, South Coast Subaru, Razo (CarMate), Balsarini Japan, OC Bumper and Body, Infamous Tuning and Performance, Monster Cable, ASPEC Products (Nardi, Works Bell), R-REV

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