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Mellow Yellow: Acura Integra (Custom Type R)

Being a JDM-gear-head does not come easy, especially when one’s budget is limited and smaller than one’s dream project. In the case of Reggie Mah of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, his dream was to essentially get the best of both worlds while maintaining his Honda purist mindset. Mah like many H-tuners always longed for the coveted Integra Type-R (DC2), but due to budget constraints and the known fact that the Type R is more rare than Charlie Sheen sober he opted for building one himself – custom style!

One of the first things on the list was to respray the Integra in OEM Honda Phoenix Yellow which is by far the best looking yellow on any factory vehicle. Further exterior enhancements went in favor of replacing the original rear bumper to the slightly updated 1998 OEM version, VIS OEM-style carbon fiber hood, OEM Integra Type-R rear spoiler paired to a carbon fiber wing gurney (the small flap on the spoiler) and a pair of ARC Integra DC2 winglets. Staying true to the Honda-JDM purist theme, Mah’s final touch to the newly transformed Type-R was the installation of 3,000k HIDs providing the notorious yellow-ish front lighting.

Mellow Yellow: Acura Integra (Custom Type R)

Under the light-weight CF bonnet, Mah went to work right away swapping out the tired old engine in favor of the true Type-R Honda B18C power plant. The factory massaged engine from Honda produces 197hp @ 8,000rpm which is more than enough for this track warrior, but like most tuner enthusiasts Mah wanted more. Without going overboard or bankrupt, Mah tweaked a few more ponies by replacing the factory spark plugs with a set from NGK, installed an AEM short ram air intake system and finished off with a Buddy Club Spec 2 cat-back exhaust system.

Mellow Yellow: Acura Integra (Custom Type R)

Power aside, the next to-do on Mah’s list was to replace the factory suspension goods for not only better grip but also that mean low-to-the-ground stance that everyone strives for. The factory strut / spring setup was tossed away for a set of Buddy Club N+ damper coilover system that not only provides better traction, but is ride and height adjustable. Further suspension tweaks came in way of Buddy Club’s lower control arms, camber kit, front upper control arms and rear upper control arms. A set of ASR 24mm rear sway bar with end links secured any excessive lateral movement while an ASR rear sub-frame brace provides further rigidity. After the must-have alignment Mah’s wheel choice was a no-brainer for anything track related consisting of 16-inch Enkei RPF-1 in matte black and wrapped in Dunlop rubber. The stopping power tucked just behind the forged wheels is Wilwood’s big brake kit with slotted and cross drilled rotors – esp. considering that the factory brakes would eventually give out given the bump in power.

Mellow Yellow: Acura Integra (Custom Type R)

Mah’s cockpit setup is no different than the rest of his unique custom Type-R creation, subtle but functional. A pair of STATUS race buckets matched with JDM-styled Takata 4-point race harnesses secure his butt during hard cornering while the MOMO combo of his Mod8 steering wheel and hub allow for tight turn-ins. During times of cruising, Mah’s love affair with all things Michael Bolton (just kidding) has him head banging to beats through an Alpine W505 head unit and an array of Pioneer speakers in factory location.

Mellow Yellow: Acura Integra (Custom Type R)

Although it is obvious that some big dollars were spent on this custom Type-R project, most would just wonder why Mah didn’t just save a bit longer to get his dream ride. Truth is, being a fellow enthusiast I can vouch that nothing is better than building something on your own – to your own spec. Whether Mah intended his project to be this hot yellow JDM-purist Honda or something greater is unsure, but it is without a doubt that it looks beautiful and goes like stink. If one thing is certain from this project build, it is that as long as you stick to your goals anything is possible – even your very own custom Type-R!


- Honda OEM Phoenix Yellow paint
- 1998 OEM Acura Integra rear bumper
- Carbon fiber wing gurney
- VIS OEM-style carbon fiber hood
- ARC Integra DC2 winglets
- 3,000k HID kit
- OEM Integra Type R rear spoiler

- Buddy Club short shifter
- NRG carbon fiber slim quick release
- MOMO Mod8 steering wheel
- MOMO hub
- STATUS race seats
- Takata 4-point race harnesses

In Car Entertainment
- Alpine W505 head unit
- Pioneer speakers

Wheels / Tires / Brakes / Suspension
- 16-inch Enkei RPF-1 wheels in matte black
- 225/50/R16 Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 tires
- (F) Wilwood big brake kit with cross drilled and slotted rotors
- (R) OEM Honda Integra brake setup
- Buddy Club N+ damper coilover suspension
- Buddy Club lower control arms
- Buddy Club camber kit
- Buddy Club front upper control arms
- Buddy Club rear upper control arms
- ASR black rear sub-frame brace
- ASR 24mm rear sway bar with end links

- Honda B18C engine
- NKG spark plug wires
- AEM short ram intake
- Buddy Club Spec 2 cat-back exhaust system
- OEM Honda water pump
- OEM Honda oil pump

Special Thanks
-  JDM Source for the engine swap, Jay at Vex Performance, Rhys at Rev Werks, AJ-R Racing, Garage Five, Phil at Marv Jones Honda, and lastly my mom for supporting me in building this car from the ground up.

Future Modifications
- Turbo, rear diffuser, new exhaust system, roll cage, new wheels, some weight reduction, GT-style wing, new mirrors, aero package.