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With up to 1,100 horsepower and 1,000 ft. lbs. of torque on tap, the WORLD Racing Scion tC needed a drivetrain that could handle the abuse. The team looked no further than an Xtrac 6-speed sequential gearbox complete with a Tilton carbon clutch and Descendent Racing flywheel as their first line of Need for Speed: World Racing 2011 Scion tCdefense against the brutal power and torque coming from the engine. Once through the transmission, the power makes its way through an Xtrac limited-slip-differential and Mark Williams heavy duty axles before being transferred to the ground via 18”x 12” HRE Competition C95 wheels wrapped in massive 305mm wide Continental Extreme Contact DR race tires on all four corners.

Just as a stout engine and drivetrain is essential to make the car a rocket down the straights, a well-designed suspension system is essential to make the car equally impressive in the turns. Revised suspension geometry is one of the major changes for the FWING 2.0 and when coupled with high quality parts, the combination promises to be greatly improved over the previous car. Penske 8300 series racing shocks and H&R race springs are at the center of the equation, controlling the movement of the car and the wheels as it flies around the track. The front suspension has been converted from a Macpherson strut design to a custom dual wishbone setup bY WORLD Racing to allow for better articulation that will result in better cornering and better traction. Custom WORLD Racing sway bars will keep the car level while a custom roll cage and TRD front strut tower brace tie the chassis together. A Brembo GTR big brake kit with massive 16” front rotors and 13” rear rotors coupled with Hawk Performance race pads will be in charge of stopping the Scion tC freight train.

Now it’s time to get to the elephant in the room, that massive front wing. Love it or hate it, the 68” wide dry carbon fiber front wing is an essential piece of the puzzle that makes it possible for Rado to continually push the boundaries of what we think is possible with a front wheel drive car. The FWING is part of a balanced and well thought out aerodynamic package that creates a tremendous amount of downforce, pushing the car down into the pavement to increase grip. The front end aerodynamics are helped even further by custom dry carbon fiber front canards and front splitter. A second 68” wide dry carbon fiber wing is mounted at the rear of the car to keep the back end in check and a SEIBON Carbon custom widebody kit finishes the job. The custom paint job mirrors the black and silver paint job of the original FWING Scion tC. The FWING 2.0 features OEM Toyota Silver paint with black stripes and custom graphics by Spin Imaging.

Inside the 2011 Scion tC, it is all business. Rado sits in a Recaro SPA Carbon Kevlar race seat before strapping himself in with Crow 5-point harnesses. A custom made dashboard features a bevy of STACK gauges that allow Rado to monitor boost via a custom 100psi boost gauge, oil pressure, and tire pressure as well as a STACK clock so he can show the competition what time it is. STACK’s ST8100 dash display provides Rado with an analog tachometer as well as other vital signs to monitor like oil and water temperature. A MOMO steering wheel, complete with STACK steering wheel display lets Rado know his last lap time, what gear he’s in, and how fast he’s going. The dash and interior is appointed nicely by black suede to eliminate glare for the driver.