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Amped Up: 2006 Porsche Cayenne S

When you work in the mobile electronics industry, everyone assumes that your personal vehicle is going to be a rolling showcase for your capabilities. While this doesn’t necessarily hold true for all of us, especially me, it does for Jack Polubinksi of Sarasota, FL. As the Manager of Underground Autostyling, his team has worked their magic on his 2006 Porsche Cayenne S to make it stand out from a crowd.

From the factory, the mighty SUV cranks out a healthy 340 horses from its 4.5L 32-valve V8. This gives the SUV enough punch to move swiftly through whatever challenges the daily commute offers and is fun enough to keep Polubinski smiling when on road trips. The Underground team popped the stock 18-inch wheels and dropped on a set of massive 26 by 10-inch Kurv Twisted wheels. Wrapped around the big honkin’ rollers are 275/25-26 Durun F-One rubbers. Some custom paint accents change the look of the head- and tail-lights to make the Porsche unique, but not over-the-top. Next on the hit list was the dash. A custom made mount serves as a home to an Apple iPad 2. The mount is motorized and slides down to expose a Pioneer in-dash navigation system. Trimmed in carbon fiber to match some of the other accents in the vehicle, this is the focus of the vehicle, to the point that the underground crew dubbed the Cayenne the iPorsche.

Four Concept CLS-700 leather finish OEM replacement headrests are each has a home atop the Porsche seats. Each features a 7-inch LCD screen. A set of 10-inch widescreen sun visors add some entertainment to the front seat, while a 10-inch overhead and a 26-inch LF Flatron LCD TV let onlookers keep tabs on what is playing from the iPad or the Pioneer.

Amped Up: 2006 Porsche Cayenne S Amped Up: 2006 Porsche Cayenne S
Amped Up: 2006 Porsche Cayenne S Amped Up: 2006 Porsche Cayenne S

The audio system is centered around Phoenix Gold equipment. An SD600.1 and an SD500.4 amplifier are mounted to custom amp racks that flank the big monitor in the trunk. The SD500.4 is four channel amp and provides power to two sets of Phoenix Gold Ti65cs components – one in the front doors and one in the rear. The SD600.1 gives prodigious jam to a single 10-inch Phoenix Gold Ti210 subwoofer that was installed in a vented enclosure in the floor of the Porsche. The face of the enclosure is painted fibreglass and the whole thing is trimmed tidily in OEM style black carpet. The audio system was installed with Stinger power wire, speaker wire and interconnects. Up front are two SPV20 batteries and two SGP901501 150A circuit breakers. Three SHI2120 20-foot RCA’s run signals from the deck to the amplifiers while an SVMB digital voltmeter makes it easy to keep tabs on the power delivery system. An iSimple IS76PRO interface cable was used to help with the integration of the iPad. Wrapping up the electronics installation was a K40 radar jammer that was moulded in to the vehicle to enhance the stealthy concept. The iPorsche made its debut at the world famous 2011 Spring Break Nationals in Daytona Beach, FL. The truck was on display in the Phoenix Gold booth, proudly demonstrating the creativity and talent of the Underground autostyling crew, and the quality of the Phoenix Gold and Stinger products.


Essentials // Owner Jack A. Polubinski • Location Sarasota, FL • Vehicle 2006 Porsche Cayenne S

Audio // Pioneer z3 head unit, iPad2, Phoenix gold SD600.1 Sub Amps, Pheonix Gold SD500.4 High Freq. Amps, Nintedo Wii • Front // 10” Visor Screen (2x) • Rear // 12” Flipdown Screen and 8” Headrest Screen (4x) • Trunk // 26” LED HDTV, 10” Phoenix Gold Ti210d4 Sub, 6.5” Phoenix Gold Ti65cs component Speakers (4x, Phoenix Gold Ti Tweeter (2x), Stinger SPV20 Battery (2x), Stinger SGP901501 150 amp circuit breaker (2x), Stinger HPM wire, Stinger SH12120 HPM1 20’ RCA (3x), Stinger Roadkill, Stinger SVMB Digital Voltmeter, iSimple IS76PRO iPad cable with remote • SPONSORS // Apple, Stinger, iSimple, Phoenix Gold, Underground Auto Styling

Amped Up: 2006 Porsche Cayenne S

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