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Global Domination: Han Wong's 2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe
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PASMAG Han Wong 2004 Infiniti G35 Intense Power Brian Crower ARP Powerlab Tial Driveshaft Shop Cusco Iforged Falken VeilSide Eclipse front driver
Written by Dave Pankew / Photography by RCH Designs

Well the Olympics are wrapped up, the medals up on the mantles and the scandals ongoing. The Bejing display was full of controversy and who doesn’t crave a bit of that out of international competition. From the lighting of the flame, the accusations started flying about ringers singing at the intros and competitors lying about their age. The games wrapped up with a Cuban Judo gold medallist flipping out after a disqualification and side-kicking the ref in the head. Now that is sportsmanship. But the athlete that received the most attention also appeared to be criticized the most simply for letting his emotions get the better of him.

PASMAG Han Wong 2004 Infiniti G35 Intense Power Brian Crower ARP Powerlab Tial Driveshaft Shop Cusco Iforged Falken VeilSide Eclipse side

Unless you have fallen off the grid, then you know I’m referring to Jamaican bullet, Usain Bolt. Here is a hulking man of 6’5” who decimated two records during the Bejing games. Not only did he murk the competitors in the 200m, pickup the slack in the 400m relay but his performance in the 100m was pure ownage. If you’ve seen the video, Bolt lets up at what appears 75m through the race to spread his arms to the crowd as if to say “whatchu gonna do to touch this?” The media and Olympic officials went berserk at his distain for the rest of the pack. Personally, I thought it was gangster and only proved that, he could have laid down a record that would not be touched for decades. But when you are on top, why not?

PASMAG Han Wong 2004 Infiniti G35 Intense Power Brian Crower ARP Powerlab Tial Driveshaft Shop Cusco Iforged Falken VeilSide Eclipse front

Han Wong out of Chandler, AZ is presently on top of his chosen game. And unlike Bolt has chosen to be very modest about what he has accomplished here. And it is not without monumental effort because here is one tuner that is impossible to get a hold of under the workload. We chased this car for months, throwing all kinds of sponsorships at Wong to keep him interested and keep him focused on the prize – the cover of PAS.

And why it was selected as a cover should need no explanation but what the hell we’ll drop some stats anyway. It was an 18 month process to build it, the project was over $100,000 in addition to the vehicle price and it makes well over 1000hp at the crank. So lets get into how Wong did it.

PASMAG Han Wong 2004 Infiniti G35 Intense Power Brian Crower ARP Powerlab Tial Driveshaft Shop Cusco Iforged Falken VeilSide Eclipse engine

Beginning with a 3.5L VQ engine, Wong and his team at Intense Power in Gilbert, AZ began prototype engine internals. The block was balanced and blueprinted and machined to exacting specifications. Intense designed forged pistons and ultra strong billet connecting rods. As a testament to Nissan engineering, Intense is using the stock crank, simply treated for strength. The VQ heads have been ported and polished by Intense and filled with Brian Crower Stage II cams and a full Ferrea valvetrain. The assembly was clamped back down with metal head gaskets and ARP fasteners. Fuel comes delivered by twin Powerlab 255lph pumps filling Powerlab rails. The juice is closely regulated by an Aeromotive FPR and distributed by six Deatchwerks 1600cc injectors. Air is sucked in through a custom Intense power intake and compressed with a massive Powerlab 76S Extreme turbo. This single snail is part of Powerlab’s kit and is connected to their network of piping and a 4-inch thick front mount intercooler. As the air reaches the stock plenum, it gets a boost in velocity thanks to a Powerlab 3/8-inch aluminum spacer. No fancy sheet metal intakes here, there was actually more stock gear onboard than we expected, including the OEM coils! The exhaust is managed with a TiAL 44mm wastegate and flows into an Intense PowerMax SS 4-inch exhaust.

PASMAG Han Wong 2004 Infiniti G35 Intense Power Brian Crower ARP Powerlab Tial Driveshaft Shop Cusco Iforged Falken VeilSide Eclipse crew

The sum of the parts equals 906whp with 730lb-ft of twist. Enough to snuff out the stock driveshaft and LSD, well you would think but they are still stock and still hanging tough. The clutch and axles however are a different animals as the clutch has been replaced with a Carbonetics triple plate clutch and the axles are Driveshaft Shop Pro Series. And the car lays down the smack since, with the smaller GT37 from the last setup it ran 11-flat and had a best trap of 139mph. It is expected to deep into the 10s possibly the 9s as it sits.

As you can see, this project is far from a purpose build drag car. It was actually constructed to bag trophies at shows as well. Wong sourced the first VeilSide Fortune kit for the G35 in the US and redesigned the rear spoiler in carbon fiber to set it apart any other G. Intense Power technician George Husar put the shell together and they had it 3-stage sprayed in a custom hue called Intense Money Green. The graphics by Xsell Media were slapped on and then added tweaks like JDM clears and VIP sill lighting. The overall impact is one that stops shows.

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