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    Owner: Dave “Fishman” Riveria

    Location: Fresno, CA

    Vehicle: 2003 Ford Expedition


    KMC 26-inch wheels
    Pirelli PZERO 295/25R26 tires


    Multi-stage pearl paint

    Fish emblems


    Classic Interiors of Fresno, CA leather

    Fishman custom aluminum trim

    Fishman Plexiglas bar

    Fishman Fishdrive actuators

    Fishman logos


    Apple iPad in dash
    Arc Audio XEQ equalizer
    Arc Audio Signature Edition SE4200 amps x2
    Arc Audio 6000 6.5-inch components x4
    Arc Audio Signature Edition SE2300 amps x2
    Arc Audio 10D4 10-inch subs
    Kenwood KOS monitor
    Apple LCD display
    Apple Wireless keyboard
    Tsunami batteries x2
    Tsunami wiring

    Tsunami interconnects


    ARC Audio, Kenwood USA, Metra Electronics, David @ Sound Speed in Clovis California, Me the Fishman (for never Giving up), To all of my old students at Fishcamp who at one point or another had their hands in this, I wouldn’t be here without you guys…and to my ex wife who always said it couldn’t be done!


    The computer and networking setup was done by Jason Boyd and Albert Riveria. Wired by Sound Speed In Clovis, CA handled the vehicle electrics which included a pair of Tsunami batteries, one under the hood and the other near the amps in the cargo area to provide plenty of reserve power for the system. A Tsunami high-output alternator was added to provide ample charging and the power, ground and interconnects were all Tsunami wire as well.


    At a cost of almost $250,000 and plenty after hours labor, Fishman has truly outdone himself here. But he has paid his dues and this is the reward. We can only imagine how many copycat projects rocking iPads we’ll see at the next CES Show.

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