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“Man, your cars are straight FILTHY!”. When JJ Dubec, a doctor from British Columbia, took a weekend cruise down to Arlington, Washington with a group of fellow car enthusiasts, the excited words of a gawking bystander at a gas station would go on to form a running joke, a brand, and a lifestyle. Many readers may recall JJ’s Liberty Walk GT-R or his Liberty Walk 458 from magazines and SEMA shows of recent years past, but only those paying close attention know that he is also the founder of an exciting lifestyle brand and movement.

“F7LTHY definitely represents the cars, but in a greater sense it represents an attitude I have about life in general. Most of my life I was raised and trained in environments that necessitated a clean, sterile approach”, JJ recalls as he points out the contrast and duality of his doctor-by-day, enthusiast-by-night lifestyle. 


“It celebrates the imperfect, thinking well beyond the rules and constraints often placed upon us. For example, a stock Ferrari 458 may be a very identifiable symbol of perfection. It is clean and perfect. Many owners would not modify it one bit. They would wash it, wax it, and admire it just as it was intended from the factory. There’s nothing wrong with that.” But of course, breaking purist rules is all in a day’s work when building wild rides. “We want to personalize our rides, modify it, stance it, widebody it, customize it, make it F7LTHY.”

In the short few years since its inception, the F7LTHY brand has evolved into a recognizable force in the tuner world. With plans for a LibertyWalk Maserati GT MC Stradale for SEMA 2016, as well as a widebody 2017 NSX in the near future, you can expect to see more F7LTHY rides from JJ as time goes by and the movement grows. He concludes with more insight: “I feel as though the projects I do tend to echo that feeling of balance which I think is important in most everything we do. Work and Play. Learn and Teach. Dream and Build. Clean and F7LTHY.”

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Contributor: John Neaime

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