PASMAG Trending K20A Over F20C Civic Engine
Written by Mickly Slinger / Photography by Ray Flores

If you’re lucky enough to own a Honda S2000, you already know these things are a bit of a money pit. While already being one of the most expensive used cars in its segment, S2Ks are also renowned for being pretty expensive for any engine modifications. Their F20C heart has un-Honda-like unreliability as well.

PASMAG Trending K20A Over F20C Honda S2000 Duc Trinh Engine top right

Solution? The best thing since the B-Series and sliced bread: the K-Series. More and more S2K enthusiasts are taking this route to not only save some well earned cash, but also to make better gains.

PASMAG Trending K20A Over F20C Honda S2000 Duc Trinh front

K20s are cheaper to tune and pretty much indestructible. Don’t be surprised if you keep seeing more and more AP1s with K20As beating under their bonnets. #pasmag

PASMAG Trending K20A Over F20C Honda S2000 Duc Trinh Engine top left PASMAG Trending K20A Over F20C Honda S2000 Duc Trinh rear

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