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Hot Import Nights 2012: Dallas

Import Face-Off 2012: Columbus, OH


IMPORT FACE-OFF results from September 30th, 2012 at National Trail Raceway near Columbus, Ohio

FWD presented by SPEC clutches and flywheels
Winner – Rob Morse – Honda Civic
R/U – Paul Armstrong – Honda Civic

FORCED INDUCTION PRO presented by Motovicity Distribution
Winner - Lennen, Matthew [ … ]

Import Alliance 2012

Import Face-Off 2012: St. Louis, MO

IMPORT FACE-OFF Results from September 23rd, 2012 at Gateway Motorsports Park (St. Louis, MO area)

FWD presented by S.P.E.C. clutches and flywheels

Winner - Mack, Ryan - Springfield, MO - '91 Honda - 10.25

R/U - McCreery, Matthew - Lees Summit, MO - '94 Honda - 10.64


CSCS Round 5: Season Finale

Fifty events. One decade. No matter how you choose to look at it, Canadian Sport Compact Series (CSCS) has been around for a long time. Every year has brought new surprises, new sponsors, new competitors and even more new fans. More importantly, the old competitors, the veterans, the die-hards; th [ … ]