01 Import Face Off Woodburn OR 2018 Mitsubishi Evo

Much more than just a race and show, Import Face-Off fans spend the entire day enjoying the ultimate lifestyle event of the year. All together, series activities include: car/truck/bike show, 1/4 mile drag racing, USACi stereo crank it up contest, model expo, burnout contest, DJs, and vendors. The IFO series pays out $250,000+ in cash, trophies, and prizes a year! www.importfaceoff.net


FWD presented by Competition Clutch
Winner - Tyler Wells - 9.524 @ 154.74
R/U - Jeremy Breton - 10.298 @ 124.56

FORCED INDUCTION SPORT presented by Insane Shafts
Winner - John Wood - 9.449 @ 145.23
R/U - Roman Buzhduga - 27.939 @ 74.30

BRACKET presented by Hondata
Winner - Chris Langford - 12.225 @ 107.59
R/U - Steve Stampley - 16.001 @ 82.13

OUTLAW presented by Klutch Wheels
Winner - Jeff Bush - 7.744 @ 180.25
R/U - James Kempf - 14.251 @ 102.07

ALL MOTOR PRO presented by Devil's Own Alcohol Injection
Winner - Joe Moore - 11.447 @ 120.04
R/U - Bernd Arndt - 11.654 @ 118.40

FORCED INDUCTION PRO presented by Highend Autosports
Winner - Nathan Kahler - 8.958 @ 158.73
R/U - Steve Hamann - 11.795 @ 118.76

Winner - Joe Moore - 11.447 @ 120.04
R/U - Austin Larsen - 12.074 @ 108.47

Best Civic 2nd - Colter Ansel
Best Civic 1st - Alex Soutay
Best Other Honda 1st - Jeremy Fanugao
Best Acura 2nd - Juan Montes
Best Acura 1st - Cooper Boudin
Best Mitsubishi - Robert Well
Best Nissan 1st - Brian Villegas
Best Toyota - Dennis Malin
Best Scio 2nd - Dexter Yet
Best Scion 1st - Danny Gututala
Best Mazda - Navid Haz
Best Subaru 1st - Tanner Day
Best Korean - Bill Ramseyer
Best Domestic Sports Compact - John & Amanda Manu
Best Domestic Car - Hiri Kanno
Best Euro - Kevin Flores
Best BMW - Eduardo Villaeda
Best Female Entry - Nancy Cardenas
Best Luxury - Tony Lau
Best Lexus - Roel Chaves
Best Exotic - Josh Fagan
Best Import Truck - Jose Cortez
Best Domestic Truck/SUV 2nd - Andrew Vun
Best Domestic Truck/SUV 1st - Raul Farfan
Best Lowrider - Erik Munoz
Best Bike 1st - William Franszen
Best Stance - Anthony Romero
Best Display - Charlie Lewis
Best Interior - Tony Lau
Best ICE - Derrick Franzen
Best Paint/Finish - Nicole May
Best Engine Bay - Myles Kerr
Best Club Participation - Northwest Fam
Best Club Representation - R-Rydes
Best of Show - Rob Evo

Subie Festival 2014: Mirabel, QC

Written by Jeremy Alan Glover | Photos by Jeremy Alan Glover Due to amount of cars that showed up at the 2013 event, the annual Subie Festival hosted by Lachute Performance, took place at Circuit Icar for 2014. Hosting the event at a race track had its advantages. This year, the event organizers didn't have to worry about running out of room for attending/displayed cars. Also,they were able to offer drag racing, time attack and even lapping for the participants of the event. The morning of the event, I woke up early in order to get to the track before…

Formula Drift Round 3 2012: Palm Beach, FL

Daigo Saito is Victorious at Round 3: Invasion at Palm Beach International Raceway; Pawlak Remains in the Pro Championship Points Lead Formula DRIFT returned to Round 3: Invasion at Palm Beach International Raceway for the second consecutive year. Rookie Daigo Saito in the Achilles Tire / Bridges Racing Lexus SC430 takes the victory and closes in on the points leader Justin Pawlak in the Falken Tire Ford Mustang. Round 3: Invasion saw an increase in attendance in the second year of competition at Palm Beach International Raceway. The Driftstream saw over 200,000 viewers in a 24 hour period. “We're happy…