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81 Driven Show Winnipeg 2017 PASMAG

One car that everyone talked about was a wide-bodied 1985 Toyota Corolla AE86, equipped with a full cage and countless carbon fiber goodies. It was no surprised that the AE86 won Best Toyota of the show.

53 Driven Show Winnipeg 2017 PASMAG

54 Driven Show Winnipeg 2017 PASMAG

55 Driven Show Winnipeg 2017 PASMAG

29 Driven Show Winnipeg 2017 PASMAG

However, nothing could keep up with the Sheepey Built Mitsubishi Evolution 8, owned by Chad Shirtliff, which took home Best of Show Overall.

22 Driven Show Winnipeg 2017 PASMAG

23 Driven Show Winnipeg 2017 PASMAG

24 Driven Show Winnipeg 2017 PASMAG

25 Driven Show Winnipeg 2017 PASMAG

01 Driven Show Winnipeg 2017 PASMAG

37 Driven Show Winnipeg 2017 PASMAG

41 Driven Show Winnipeg 2017 PASMAG

43 Driven Show Winnipeg 2017 PASMAG

45 Driven Show Winnipeg 2017 PASMAG

46 Driven Show Winnipeg 2017 PASMAG

Formula Drift Round 4 2011: Wall, NJ

The 2011 Formula Drift season reached its halfway point with round four in New Jersey. Leading up to the race the story had been all about Team Falken Tire. Justin Pawlak won the first and third rounds in Long Beach and Florida, while Daijiro Yoshihara was victorious at round two in Atlanta. The team was looking to make it four out of four at Wall Stadium, but many challengers wanted to make sure that their streak ended there. As the field of 35 drivers went out to qualify for the main event, two of the usual suspects were noticeably absent.…

Hot Import Nights: Phoenix

Hot Import Nights (HIN) presented by Valvoline at WestWorld of Scottsdale has quickly cemented itself as one of HIN’s best yearly events! HIN’s Summer Concert Series with Power 98.3 & 96.1 radio featured headliner’s DJ Kim Lee, Pri Yon Joni, Jargon, and Mhaye Monti along with numerous other major talent on the main stage. The competition was fierce with companies and teams debuting brand new builds in order to outdo the other and take home awards, prizes, and bragging rights. Street Standard’s 350z took home the Hottest Mod’s Award presented by Valvoline along with Hottest Performance presented by SPN Performance…

WaterFest Kruize 2011

If you’ve ever been on the Waterfest tour before, then a lot of what you read next is going to sound familiar. The alarm goes off around 5:30 AM, you take a quick shower, wake your buddies up off the couch and start going through the official Waterfest Kruize check list. “Full tank of gas. Check. Passports. Check. Loose change for the tolls. Check. Case of red bull. Double Check!” You’ve covered the essentials and now it’s time to make it to stop number one, Johnston Research and Performance (JRP) headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario. When you pull into JRP around…

Eurokracy 2014: Napierville, QC

Since 2010, Eurokracy has provided European automotive enthusiasts in Canada with an annual show at the Napierville Dragway in Quebec, delivering the best and most entertaining Euro experience possible. Written by Randi Bentia. Photos by Intuned Online On June 28, 2014, the Show & Shine competition drew hundreds of cars and thousands of attendees. The staff at Eurokracy incorporated a handful of (let's call them) "attractions" and encouraged enthusiasts from all over North America to witness and experience - quarter-mile drag racing, the "Neck Breaker", Burnout, Best Stance and Mobile Dyno. And let's not forget the parties - these guys…