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Convention Centre
, MB
July 25, 2009

IMGP3139_thDriven Auto Culture brings together the cars, dance, music and lifestyle of passionate tuners. The “lights-off” atmosphere gave the Winnipeg Convention Centre a club-like atmosphere, with beautiful models and eye-candy packing the place from wall to wall. Import model babes in the house included Miss Mercedes Terrell presented by Speed Factor and Winnipeg’s own Dannie Riel in the Phase One booth.

Known for celebrating tuner culture, this event included top notch entertainment with a Chip Damage Street Fighter 4 video game tournament

And on-stage Bundown Sound System dance battle between local and guest dance crews. The prize money and title of Winnipeg’s Best Dance Crew went to Assorted Goodies, while Red Bouncy Toe from Montreal tore up the stage to claim the b-boy/b-girl battle. Live acts on stage moved the crowd all day as local rap groups, DJs and of course the Crown Productions stage bikini contest provided a break from the many hot rides in the house.

Danville Dingle's midori green Honda Civic EK hatchback was unveiled with full Jun upgrades, making it the hardest hitting JDM styled EK in Canada. Vickar Mitsubishi unleahed a sinister black Evo X, Lonestar Mercedes rolled out a rare McLaren SLR and Nott Autocorp had a modified Skyline R35 GTR. The cars on hand were certainly diverse, from tuner Kevin Wong’s wire tucked Honda Civic EP in the Phase One booth to the Phat Rides Custom monster lifted Ford F-150. The tuning experts at Speedtech brought out a lemon yellow Acura NSX and CIN City clapped back with their head tunring Fortune Veilside NSX.

Many top car clubs were in full effect, as Winnipeg’s own ZuCru went all out and earned Best Team Display with an inventive “JDM car lot display” including dealership style bi-weekly payment signs and the must-have giant wacky inflatable arm flailing tube man! Best Team Representation title went to No Limits. Big shout outs go to all the car crews including Drag N Flys, Slidewayz Crew, 8th Gen Civic and especially Ground Assault who traveled from North Dakota for the event. The team at Driven sure know how to throw a party, and we’re always glad to be on the guestlist.