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IASCA Canadian Championships
, BC and Whitby, ON

The dedicated team at IASCA has been hard at work, hosting a number of successful international events this year. These two back to back IASCA-sanctioned audio competitions marked the first time a true IASCA 32Canadian Champion would be crowned.

The first big event took place on the West Coast in Penticton, BC and the second event on the following weekend out East in Whitby, ON. Their first class evaluation and judging system continues to ensure fair play, as the official Audio Control meter was used at both shows for IDBL and the same two IASCA judges were flown across the country to evaluate the same classes at both events. Doing this means Jason Gay and fellow IASCA organizers could guarantee fair and consistent judging to all competitors, allowing them to declare a first-time ever Canadian Champion in each class.

“The Penticton show was amazing, and the competition was fierce. The weather was perfect and the scenery was breathtaking. It was a true paradise location for  an audio show competition… Andres Car Audio was the gracious host and did a simply amazing job,” according to IASCA Canada.

The Eastern showdown in Whitby was organized by Jason Gay and K&A Promotions, as the threatening cloud cover and rain held off for another amazing IASCA weekend. Even Director of IASCA Worldwide Operations, Moe Sabourin honored fans by attending both events, serving as a special guest judge. Special thanks go to the devoted competitors, dedicated staff and judging team who did an awesome job and made it all possible, especially Tim and Bry (IDBL), Damian and Travis (SQ), Moe, Brian and Al (SQ install) and Tammy (Registration). According to this event, the Canadian car audio community is clearly alive and well, as these competitors came far and wide to strut their stuff. Congratulations to the entire IASCA team and all the crazy Canadian audiophiles out there. For more visit www.pasmag.com and www.iasca.com

68 58 56


ROOKIE: Craig Morgan 123
PRO: JOHN Myers 214.5 (highest overall score in Canada)
Ult: Emanjuel(BUBBA) Beja 226
EXPERT: Larry Wollacott 221.75


ROOKIE 1 Steve Fekete 144.4
ROOKIE 2 Eric Zoobkoff 141.5
ROOKIE 3 Team Custom Lipz 149.6

STOCK 1 Kris Jones 148.8
STOCK 2 Erin Shield 150.9

STOCK PRO Jeese Burns 156.9

ADV NW 1 Team Custom Dale 156.8
ADV NW 2 Bart Pyle 156.8

ADVANCE Team Custom Hummer 156.4

52 40 35