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MECA Crankinshine 2009 Series
Fayetteville, TN

The highly successful MECA Crankinshine 2009 Series invaded Fayetteville, TN on a few occasions this year and delivered non-stop fun and entertainment despite super hot and humid weather.

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Cartunes Customs of Hazel Green, AL was the Retail Sponsor for the 1st and 3rd event, with Wall Street's Finest, MECA 1st Independent Team, sponsoring the 2nd event. 2008 MECA SPL AS 3 World Champion D R Kirkland was instrumental in putting these events together, and Kirkland's Pest Control was a major sponsor. Kirkland said, “It was cool to have events only 10 miles from my house, instead driving a few hours or more to other TN and AL MECA events.”

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Chris Gregory of WSF was the Show and Shine Judge and worked with Commissioner Steve Stern to oversee the events and award the hottest vehicles in attendance. For more highlights and info visit www.mecacaraudio.com