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Nisei Week Showoff
Little Tokyo
Los Angeles, CA
Aug 15, 2009

One of the top shows for import car guys who consider themselves hardcore is the Nisei Week Showoff. Why? Well that’s because the show is a tight knit group of JDM enthusiasts who push the envelope of rare parts and new style. Nisei Week is a cultural celebration of all of the first generation of Americans of Japanese descent (the Nisei) and their passion for customizing import cars. The result is an eclectic collection of classic and modern JDM cars with outrageous offsets, rare swaps and individual throttle bodies.

IMG_5652_LR IMG_5669_LR IMG_5748_LR

The most significant trend we noted was the two tone paint jobs on a variety of cars in attendance. No, not the kind of two tone paint job on your Mom’s Eddie Bauer Explorer but one color outside, and another color inside of a clean engine bay in a colorful Bape or Nike kicks fashion.

IMG_5653_LR IMG_5670_LR IMG_5656_LR

The 10th annual event (rumored to be the last) went off without a hitch, offering attendees of the Japanese American festival some automotive treats along with a great festival. Whether they were in to cars or not, many appreciate the hard work involved. From us here at PAS, we wish organizer Ken Miyoshi takes the Nisei Week Showoff on to a new venue but if it doesn’t…thanks for all the memories Ken, it will be missed.

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