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Tuner Evolution
Toyota Arena
York, PA
Aug 19, 2009

While there are many big ticket national and one-off shows in the country, there are also ones that continue to climb the ranks of popularity. It isn’t easy to put on a show these days by attracting 3842660611_ff3c6d5b36_b_thsponsors and fans, so our hats go off to the organizers of the fourth annual Tuner Evolution show held in Pennsylvania. An indoor show’n’shine that featured many of the hottest cars in the tri-state area all polished up and put on display for thousands of fans.

Tuner Evolution is billed as much more than just a car show. Promoters realize that in today’s market you have to provide more entertainment value for the dollar because money is tight. In addition to the rows upon rows of stunning show cars, there was also a burn-out contest, audio competition and even a dyno competition sponsored by Keith’s Pit Stop. But the action didn’t stop there as an army of hotties threw their hat in the ring to score top honors in the bikini contest. Outside the action was on full blast with the Anti-Team Motorcycle Stunt Crew, a skateboarding demo and for the bigger dudes out there a Hooter’s wing eating contest…we’re hungry just thinking about it!

Back to the show cars as there were some notables from teams like Emotion and TWCompetition. These fierce competitors run the East Coast and some of the hardware they brought was worth the price of admission alone. Wes Banasan’s Project Mu-themed 350Z wears a unique Do-Luck wide-body kit, carbon-fiber hood, roof and trunk, and 19-inch Volk SF Challenge rims. The car has been splashed in Project Mu colors to rep the company’s sexy, yet functional brakes. We also spotted the S-Max Time Attack monster an S14 with every conceivable S-Max upgrade. Powered by an SR20, look for this car to make a statement in 2010. Another highly praised build was the NTO Motorsports widebody Hachi Roku, with loads of upgrades done to the mechanical and body. However, the most striking feature of this Hachi Roku project was the Toyota quad cam V8 stuffed under the hood making it possibly one of a kind and stupid amounts of power and torque for a car that light!

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We look forward to Tuner Evolution, well, evolving and growing into even more events for years to come. With these types of showcars, level of entertainment and local hotties like Corissa Furr, we’re sure they’ll make the cut. For more visit www.tuner-evolution.com