A brand-new subwoofer from Memphis that covers all the bases, as well as all the bass.

If you’re truly serious about pounding out the bass, then you already know when it comes to choosing your subwoofers you want a no compromise, truly high performance woofer than can handle the abuse it’s likely to see on a typical Saturday night. The folks at Memphis Car Audio know this as well, and to that end, they have developed the all-new MOJO 6 series of subwoofers. With a marketing slogan of “Bigger, Louder, Stronger” the MOJO 6 woofers are the cream of the Memphis crop. Designed from the get-go as very high power handling woofers, they are specifically designed to sound great, play loud, and most importantly, handle the power of a serious ground pounding system. The MOJO 6 series of woofers are available in 12- or 15-inch diameters, and all feature either dual two- or four-ohm voice coil configurations. For this review, we’re going to put the MOJO 612D2 through the paces here in the lab and see how it stacks up.



When the MOJO 612D2 arrived, I knew as soon as I picked up the box that this was no ordinary woofer. This is an exceptionally ruggedly-built woofer, tipping the scale at 33 pounds! It’s rated at 1,500 watts continuous power and 3,000 watts peak, and after unpacking it and examining how it’s made, I have no doubt those power numbers are very real.

Looking at the front side of the  woofer, the first thing that catches your eye is the full diameter woven fiberglass dustcap that completely covers the entire surface of the pressed paper/fiber cone underneath. The fiberglass dustcap is an inverted parabolic shape, and is used to increase the strength and rigidity of the cone assembly. It also looks really cool. A tasteful oval orange badge lets everyone know this is a MOJO woofer, and a rubber gasket trims out the mounting area and doubles as a sealing gasket to the surface of the enclosure. Built on a heavy duty custom tooled cast aluminum basket with machined “diamond cut” Memphis logos on all four spokes, the look is of a high quality, all business basket.

Memphis MOJO 6 Subwoofer Quick Tech Specs PASMAG

Memphis MOJO 6 Subwoofer Parameters PASMAG

Providing the magnetic energy to move the coils in the gap is the job of a massive double-stacked ferrite motor assembly measuring over 7.5 inches in diameter and weighing 235 ounces. Keeping a woofer designed to handle two horsepower cool is no easy feat, and to that end, the MOJO612D2 is designed to move a lot of air through the pole piece’s 32-mm vented diameter. The area between the motor’s top plate and the underside of the spider is liberally vented as well, with large ports cast into the basket assembly, which is protected from foreign objects by orange colored mesh panels.

The cone/dustcap assembly is connected with both adhesive and orange stitching to a tall butyl rubber surround that provides suspension compliance assistance and also is designed for very high excursion values. A closer inspection of the business end of the woofer revealed a Nomex linear-type spider assembly. The spider is used to control suspension compliance and to locate the voice coil former in the motor’s magnetic gap. The specially designed heat resistant spider also provides a secure location for the two sets of woven-in-place tinsel leads. As a nice bit of attention to detail, the initial length of the tinsel leads from the terminals to the spider are covered in color-coded heat shrink, making positive and negative terminal identification that much easier. The speaker terminals are spring-loaded and nickel-plated and will accept up to 10-gauge wire. Because of the amount of heat dissipation that comes into play at these power levels, the material the terminals mount to is formed from a synthetic material that will withstand high temperatures for extended periods.

The electrical signal passes through the terminals and tinsel leads to a pair of four-layer copper voice coils, which are treated with a special high temperature coil varnish and wound onto a three-inch aluminum former. The copper coils and aluminum former work together to improve heat dissipation and ensure reliability at high power levels for extended periods.

Memphis MOJO 6 Subwoofer Charts PASMAG


When it came time to listen to this woofer, I chose a 2,500-watt Crown Macro Tech amplifier to drive it to see if I could explore the woofer’s limits a bit. I also knew that since I was in control of the volume knob, the woofer wasn’t going to be subjected to clipped signals and other abuse, so going a bit over the rated power level would be fine.

I loaded the big Memphis woofer into a 1.75-cubic-foot sealed enclosure, which gave very good results. For you SPL-oriented bass heads, Memphis suggests a 2.8-cubic-foot vented enclosure tuned to about 40 Hz, which I believe will be just about perfect for those who simply love it loud. One important note when using a vented enclosure at these sorts of power levels, a properly tuned subsonic filter is critical to making sure the woofer does not “unload” below the enclosure’s tuned frequency.

I focused my listening session on the performance of the woofer in the sealed box, and came away thoroughly impressed. The woofer exhibits real authority in the output. I played a wide variety of music, from Donald Fagen to the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, and the MOJO 612D2 woofer performed admirably regardless of the music, revealing excellent low extension and superb control.


The bass in Thom Rotella’s Friends is tight, musical and exceptionally well defined, while extended bass notes, like those heard in Billy Idol’s Prodigal Son, come through with serious authority. Another thing I like about the MOJO woofer is the lack of unwanted higher frequency output, which many times requires very steep crossover filters or lower crossover frequencies to remove. With the MOJO612D2, I can set the amp’s second order filter to 80 Hz or even 100 Hz without excessive high frequency output. This characteristic is instrumental in getting the woofer to sound more like it’s coming out of your windshield than the trunk, and is something I really appreciate.



Every once in a while, a product crosses my bench that I’m genuinely impressed with and is a pleasure to evaluate. The Memphis MOJO 612D2 is just such a product. This woofer manages to cover all the bases, with outstanding sonics, reasonable enclosure requirements, awesome power handling, and a high quality look and feel. If you are thinking about becoming the guy with the coolest woofer system on the block, do yourself a favor and check out the Memphis MOJO series of subs. As good as the 12 was, I’m told the 15s are even more awesome with a jump in power handling up to 2,200 watts RMS! #pasmag

For more information visit Memphis Car Audio at, Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook.


Contributor: Garry Springgay

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