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Test Report: MB Quart PVL216 Convertible Speaker

You’ve probably noticed that convertible style loudspeaker systems have gained popularity dramatically in recent years. And what’s not to like? These systems allow for mounting the system as a coaxial, or as a traditional component system, and a [ … ]

Test Report: Orion XTRPRO124

For some people, simply having decent bass in their cars just isn’t enough. These folks want their bass low, loud and proud. Whether you’re cruising along the boulevard or fighting for bragging rights in the SPL wars, Orion has created a series of woofers with you in mind. Meant to be some o [ … ]

Test Report: Sonic SoundLabs SSL Subsonic S10 Woofer

If you are the type of person that takes your bass seriously, the crew at Sonic Soundlabs will understand where you’re coming from. Sonic Soundlabs is a subwoofer company based in Homosassa Springs, Florida and they build some of the most intense subwoofers available anywhere at any price. Wit [ … ]

Test Report: Kenwood KFC-X183C

If you’ve had a look behind the door panels of many General Motors, Dodge, or Toyota vehicles lately, you may have noticed that the openings will accept a larger speaker than a standard 6.5”. The folks at Kenwood noticed too, and have developed a 7” coaxial speaker system designed to take fu [ … ]

Test Report: Clarion CZ401

Back when I was in retail, our store was an authorized Clarion dealer for many years. While we also carried several other product lines, we always had great success and respect for the Clarion brand and their exceptional products. You may not be aware of it, but the history of the Clarion g [ … ]