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Test Report: Sony DSX-S310BTX Head Unit

You quit buying CDs years ago. You ripped all your music to a digital format when George W. Bush was still in the Oval Office. So why should you pay for a CD transport when you upgrade to a new head unit? The obvious answer is you shouldn’t. And [ … ]

Test Report:Hertz HDP5 Amplifier

Everyone wants a great sounding system for their ride, but getting one designed and installed can be a bit intimidating. For most people, thinking about the complexity of multiple amplifiers and wiring and then figuring out how to fit it all in the existing space while still allowing room for groc [ … ]

Test Report: Hertz Energy Flat ES F25.5 Subwoofer

Want deep, rich bass in your ride, but don’t have the space for a conventional subwoofer system? The all-new “Energy Flat Subwoofers” from Hertz are a great solution to the problem. Available in eight or ten inch sizes as individual drivers, or sold in a low profile enclosure incorporating a p [ … ]

Test Report: Axxera XDMA7800 Receiver

If you’re one of the many who have put up with that outdated, feature-lacking, inconvenient and poor-sounding OEM radio for too long, I have good news. The folks at Axxera have an affordable, modern, full-featured, good-sounding replacement all ready for you. The receiver I’m referring to is the X [ … ]

Test Report: Pioneer AVH-P3300BT Multimedia Navigation Receiver

Today, more than ever before, we live in a world that’s all about connectivity, content and choices. We can do our banking and watch television on our cell phones, and use our TVs to browse the web. More and more devices are being designed to interface with other devices, and the result is a wor [ … ]