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Audiomobile GTS 2110 Subwoofer

One of the biggest problems when installing a subwoofer system is the amount of cargo space we have to give up for the enclosure. Sure there are special shallow mount subwoofers available, but more often than not they also have shallow performance. T [ … ]

JVC KW-AV70BT Multimedia Player

It seems like every time I find a multimedia receiver with all the connectivity and convenience features I want, the audio section is lacking. Or I get a really great audio player, but it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles I’d like to enjoy during my drive. If you have been waiting to buy a n [ … ]

Illusion Audio Carbon Series C12 Slim 12" Subwoofer

Not long ago I had the pleasure of reviewing a pair of unusual and innovative Illusion Audio C6 components. This time we are looking at a twelve-inch subwoofer from the same Illusion Audio Carbon Series of products, likewise with a front-mounted motor structure. According to Duane Pilgrim at Orca D [ … ]

Audiopipe TA-FS120 12" Subwoofer

If your ride is limited for space to install subwoofer enclosure and you have a similar restriction when it comes to your bank account, there is still hope. Shallow woofers work well in very limited depth locations - and we’re looking at one that also works with shallow pockets.

Meet the TA-FS120 [ … ]

Powerbass XL-WB8 Subwoofer System

If you’re into big bass but your ride is tight on space, the folks at Powerbass have developed an ultra compact subwoofer system that will fit virtually any vehicle. The system is called the XL-WB8 and utilizes the highly-regarded XL-84 eight-inch woofer. Providing a very impressive amount of bott [ … ]