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Clarion XC1410 Amplifier

When shopping for a new amplifier, the options can be seriously overwhelming, especially when all you really need is a little more volume. Maybe it makes sense to retain the OEM radio, or maybe you’ve upgraded the radio to an aftermarket unit, but ei [ … ]

Rockford Fosgate P600X4 Amplifier

Rockford Fosgate has been a leader in car audio since its original amplifier was produced in 1973. For the last four decades the company has continued to refine and develop better technologies to keep them at the top of the car audio industry. This year at the 2013 WCES show in Las Vegas, Rockford d [ … ]

Phoenix Gold TI2 800.1 Amplifier

Remember the good old days when car audio manufacturers produced products that actually outperformed their published specs? Well, if you are talking about the Phoenix Gold Ti2 amplifier, those days are back. These amps are designed and built to the same competition-level standards that made the Phoe [ … ]

Memphis Car Audio MJ1.2200 Amplifier

Firmly established as a respected brand, Memphis Car Audio has been getting even more serious about delivering high-performance, top-quality products. Whether you are an SPL enthusiast or a sound quality geek, they have products to suit your needs and personal tastes. When it comes to amplifiers, th [ … ]

Digital Designs M4 Amplifier

Over the past decade, Digital Designs have earned a reputation for being no nonsense, high-performance products available at reasonable prices. They are also some of the most powerful amplifiers available, hence their popularity and success in the SPL contest arena. This time, we are looking at one [ … ]