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If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that the folks over at JVC have stepped up their high performance car audio program significantly in the last couple of years. The JVC Arsenal series of products are designed to go head to head [ … ]

_C65 Angle-Grille 4x6 _optIf you’re an avid enthusiast, you’re likely quite familiar with the name Scosche. The family owned and operated company has been providing dash kits, adapters, harnesses, and all manner of high quality installation aids since 1980. But what you might not know, is in recent years, Scosche has also in [ … ]
S10C_PRG_optLivin’ Loud with “All the Bass – Half the Space”

That was the tag line for the original Kicker Solo-Baric subwoofers, and it was pretty true. Back in the 90’s, Kicker figured out a way to get a woofer to perform exceptionally well in small sealed enclosures. These were very popular woofers, as they [ … ]

15Wv2-FLT_optSeems like everyone is being a bit more careful with their money these days, and when we do buy something, the focus is on getting the best value for each and every hard earned dollar. We all want well made, reliable, good performing gear for our dough, and stuff that doesn’t measure up will remain [ … ]
R0019723_optBack in 1995, serious car audio enthusiasts were busy building cars that would hold their own against most home systems in terms of sound quality. Plus back in those days IASCA quickly became a hugely popular organization with thousands of registered competitors worldwide. And the enthusiasm for qua [ … ]