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Clarion NX501

Over the last couple years Clarion has been working hard developing good looking, high performance products that are in line with what technology thirsty consumers are looking for. In this review we’ll have a look at a great example of those effort [ … ]

Helix A4

In October 2010, the Rockford Corporation inked a deal to become the exclusive U.S. distributor of some of the most exclusive German-made car audio equipment available anywhere in the world. The Audiotec Fischer brand was started in 1990 by Mr. Heinz Fischer, with the first brand called Brax. [ … ]

PH 2500 MD

Long renowned for their large and very powerful amplifiers and subwoofers that are prominent in the SPL wars, the American Bass brand has carved out a reputation for powerful and dependable products. But in addition to the multi-kilowatt behemoths that everyone is familiar with, American Bas [ … ]

The Phoenix Gold SD600.1

From the team at Phoenix Gold comes the all new SD Series of amplifiers. Following the current trend and high demand for compact high power amplification, these amplifiers come with a small footprint, but pack a lot of power for their size. The SD600.1 we received recently uses a very efficien [ … ]

The MB Quart Amplifier

Recently the good folks at MB Quart sent us one of their new Q-Series four channel amplifiers and a set of the new QS216 component speakers for review.

Because they were sent to us as a system, we decided to review them together and listen to them as a system.

The amplifier they chose f [ … ]