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Lightning Audio LA-8004

After almost disappearing from the mainstream car audio marketplace for about a year, the Lightning Audio brand has re-invented itself and is back stronger than ever with a series of competitive high performance amplifiers and speakers. A subsidiar [ … ]

Kicker S12L3G

One of the advantages of being older than dirt is I can remember experiencing certain breakthroughs in technology in the car audio world. I remember when we went from 8-tracks to cassettes, and then to CD’s; I remember when cars didn’t have separate amplifiers, or even coaxial speakers. Adding twe [ … ]

HO110RG W3v#

Just when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to subwoofer enclosure design, some clever engineer comes up with an innovative new design that makes you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Case in point, the new H.O. (High Output) ported systems from JL Audio. By virtue of an ingenio [ … ]

JBL MS-A1004

Imagine a car audio amplifier that is small enough to fit virtually anywhere, has built-in digital signal processing, is easy to set up, has exceptional tuning capabilities, lots of power, doesn’t need a lot of current and sounds great. I know it sounds like a car audio nuts wet dream, but the fac [ … ]

Focal K2 Power 165KR Component

It seems like just a few weeks ago since we reviewed the excellent Focal Polyglass V30 component system, but a check of the calendar informed me that almost 6 month have passed since a new Focal system went through the lab for review. And we’re going to rectify that situation right now, because we [ … ]