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Alpine CDE-HD149BT CD Receiver Review

Ffff...Ffff. Sorry, just blowing the dust off the old test bench. It has been several years since I handed the reigns over to Garry Springgay for PASMAG test reports, but I miss it – and with Garry travelling all over North America on his motorbike f [ … ]

Dual Axxera AXD530 CD Receiver Review

Not long ago, I reviewed the Axxera AXD430 digital media receiver. It proved to be a competent unit at a very affordable price. This time we are looking at the step-up model, logically called the AXD530, which is Axxera's top-of-the-line CD receiver. The differences between the two are significant [ … ]

Arc Audio Black Series 12D2

When discussing the best high performance brands for any product, there are always a few that are considered by purists to be at the top, year in and year out. When it comes to cars, you might mention Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin or McLaren. If the discussion is about top wristwatches, names lik [ … ]

Audio Control DQ-61

No one really likes the sound of an OEM system. We tolerate it but yearn for serious audio gear and tunability so we can make EQ adjustments, restore the missing bass from the radio, and improve the soundstage. Until now, that has meant many different bits of kit – and making those bits work prope [ … ]

Kicker Soundgate system

So you finally scraped up the funds to plant your butt in the ride you’ve been lusting after. While you’re reveling in the new car smell, the confidence and security of a full warranty, and making three trips a week to the local hand wash, you realize there is something missing. The stereo system [ … ]