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Test Report: Hertz Energy Flat ES F25.5 Subwoofer Test Report: Hertz Energy Flat ES F25.5 Subwoofer


As I said earlier, if you’re looking for a great bass solution and you’re really short on space, the Hertz Energy Flat series of woofers should be on your list of products to audition. My listening tests showed me that it’s also built to take a beating and keep on playing, where many lesser shallow type woofers struggle. And depending on your preference, the ES F25.5 woofer has what it takes to provide great quality bass reproduction, or a ton of loud, dynamic, exciting bass. And with a Canadian retail price of around 400 bucks, while certainly not an inexpensive woofer, the level of installation flexibility, performance, and build quality justifies the price. Visit your Hertz dealer and check one out for yourself.


Method = Double Curve - Delta Mass

Revc = 2.930 Ohm

Fo = 30.218 Hz

Sd = 0.0369 M²

Vas = 60.65 L

Cms = 0.313 M/N

Mmd = 84.338 g

Mms = 88.413 g

BL = 10.855 T·M

ms = 3.728

Qes = 0.417

Qts = 0.375

Levc = 8.33 mH

No = 0.388 %

SPLo = 87.904 dB

EBP = 72.46

Quick Tech Specs

Power Handling

250Watts RMS / 500W “Peak”

Free Air Resonance


Frequency Range



88dB/SPL @ 1.0W/1M

Nominal Impedance

(1) 3 ohm coil