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Polk Audio DXi 112 Subwoofer System
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On The Bench

With several hours of listening completed, I let the system normalize overnight, and moved it into the lab for some basic measurements. I found that the system has a tuned frequency of right around 38Hz. The frequency response measurement showed the peak in output that gives the DXi112 its amazing output, and the system impedance revealed the expected 2 ohm load above and below the resonance points.


If you are craving loud, mirror shaking bass and you don’t have a ton of power, and especially if the 200 buck price tag holds its own special appeal, you should definitely check out the Polk Audio DXi112 subwoofer system. While it may not be the first choice of some golden eared audiophiles, this system will give you ground-pounding performance, cool style, great reliability and serious street cred. And with any luck, you’ll have enough cash left over to buy a drink for one of the babes who all suddenly are asking to go for a ride.