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Project Ground Pounder Phase 2

It’s always important to have balance in an audio system. In this case, balance is having sufficient mids and highs to match up against low end bass reproduction.

I’ve run the gamut of mids and highs over the years, from coaxials to Pro Audio 8s a [ … ]

Project Ground Pounder: Part 1

Project Ground Pounder will chronicle the build of this 2005 Hummer H2, nicknamed Brute, from beginning to end. Prior to this project, Brute enjoyed life as a full-blown C-pillar built vehicle with eight 12-inch subwoofers behind the second row of [ … ]

Custom Dashboard in one afternoon

As an installer/fabricator you must continually add to your skill set just as you do your tools. The more skills you master, the faster you will be; and, we all know that time is money. In the following images you will see the dashboard of a Chevy [ … ]

How to make your own centre console

This is a "How To" I presented years ago that still holds true today so I would like to share it. If you're a shop owner,  then the phrase "time is money" holds more truth than any other. The skill of your installers, and how fast they are abl [ … ]

Dynamat Power Page

Anyone who’s been in the car audio business for more than oh, thirty-eight seconds, will know the name Dynamat. I can’t begin to count the number of vehicles I have applied Dynamat to over the years, including every one of my own. Once you experience [ … ]

Sound Advice

Hey Garry, I’m an installer at a high end shop here in Dallas, Texas. I enjoy the magazine every month along with your no-bull attitude. Can you do a write up sometime on stereo imaging? I think I understand what it is, but I don’t know how to tel [ … ]

Project Scion FR-S: Amplifier and Subwoofer Install


Once again, we catch up with Future Shop ConnectPro head installer, Benson John and his team for part two of the audio install on the Scion FR-S project car. Previously, the team upgraded the head unit, component speakers and internal wiring, [ … ]

Project Scion iQ: Clifford Alarm Install


In the last issue, we took at look at some of the steps involved in putting together the entertainment system in our Project iQ. Now it’s time to look into keeping the car safe and comfortable. We contacted Clarion Canada (distributors of Cli [ … ]

Project Scion FR-S: Head Unit and Component Speakers Install

As you’ve seen in our past issues, PASMAG has been having quite a bit of fun with the Scion FR-S project car. Previously we looked at suspension, intake and exhaust upgrades with performance parts provided by JRP Inc.

Now it’s time to move to the [ … ]

Project Scion: 2012 Scion iQ Entertainment Upgrades


The PASMAG Project IQ was ready for some entertainment upgrades, so we took it to see Franky “Crazy” Valenti at 20Hz Audio Sound & Security with the goal to transform this cool little run-about into something truly memorable. With some he [ … ]