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Picking the Right Remote System

By Chris Kielley

Over the past decade, the automotive manufacturing industry has embraced a technological revolution. This revolution was initiated primarily from the ever-increasing costs of commodities such as copper, which is a key component in automotive wiring. In an effort to reduce the production costs of vehicles the manufacturers turned to technology. Today's vehicles are now packed with a full array of computers, microprocessors, electronics and mechanical sensors that all communicate with each other through various data networks embedded within the vehicle.

I begin this discussion on how to choose a remote starter system referencing this revolution for two reasons. First, gone are the days where one system is the answer for every consumer and the consumer can no longer base their purchasing decision purely based on price alone; and, secondly, the aftermarket industry is embracing this revolution and building some very exciting products that now offer an amazing amount of control over the various functions of a modern vehicle. Installers no longer have to hard wire high-current circuits to control various functions of a vehicle, they just have to install and program the operation of these functions as data is now used to communicate the operation of these functions.

The unfortunate side of this technology is that it has happened behind closed doors primarily due to the fact the majority of consumers are really not interested in knowing how their car starts or executes any of the other electronic functions of a vehicle. Furthermore, the manufacturers are not interested in talking about the amount of technology built within the cars because the consumer is always cautious and intimidated by new technology, especially if they cannot see the direct benefit. More often than not, all they see are future problems and expensive repairs. It is this lack of understanding of how the vehicles work that has become the largest obstacle in having an effective discussion of what remote control system is the best choice for each individual client.

Choosing the best system for each client begins by having a clear understanding of how they are going to be using the remote system. What vehicle will this be installed in? What type of range would you like – is 2,000 feet good enough or would you like to control your car from Florida? You will definitely want to be able to lock and unlock your car, but perhaps you'd be interested in being able to control any other functions such as heated seats, rear or all window defrosters, power windows up and or down, power lift gate or even pop the lid to your gas tank? Would you be interested in knowing if someone is breaking into your vehicle? Lifestyle questions such as these demonstrate to the customer that there are many more options than just simple starting and stopping a vehicle. and it offers new opportunities for generating profit by providing the end user more value and enjoyment from the products that they are purchasing.

The offerings of remote control systems from the aftermarket industry are growing daily. Factory remote, one-way remote, two-way remote or smartphone and virtually every vehicle will require a bypass module to communicate with the various data systems.

So, 'what is the best remote system?' is no longer a simple question. The best advice I can give to anyone who is interested in making this type of purchase is to visit a reputable facility with a wide variety of remote systems and bypass modules and be prepared for an open discussion. A good facility will take the time to communicate the various products and be able to relate the various features and benefits to you. The facility's sales and installation staff should work as a team to find the perfect solution for each individual client. Also, don't be afraid to ask to speak with the installation staff personally as they can often answer many of the tough questions. And, don't be afraid to ask for their personal opinion or recommendation. They are experts after all.

PolarStart  PS3180E 




  • 1 way remote starter
  • Two 5-button ULTRA SLIM transmitters
  • Up to 3000ft of range
  • Monopole antenna with embedded bright-blue LED & PAB (programming assistance button)
  • Multi-car operation
  • 5th button with stop/panic functions
  • Built-in basic OEM-style Alarm
  • EncryptR Technology

Autostart  AS-1780



1-Way FM Remote Start system

  • Two 5-Button SUPER SLIM FM Transmitters
  • Up to 3000 ft** of range
  • Monopole antenna with embedded bright-blue status LED
  • Multi-car operation
  • Turbo Timer mode
  • Ultra long battery life

Viper  4103 1-Way Remote Start System

4103 1-Way Remote Start System


Start your engine from up to 1,500 feet away with this entry level Viper remote start system. This system comes with two 4-button remotes and several features, including keyless entry and SmartStart compatibility.

Encore Automotive Systems  E3
Encore Automotive Systems



The E3 from Encore is a full featured three channel one way security system with built in electromagnetic shock sensor.

Some of the standard features include:

  • ASK long range technology
  • 56 bit random code hopping
  • Two car operation
  • Code Learning / Anti-scan Receiver
  • Carjacking Feature
  • Back-up Memory System

Compustar  RF-1WG6-AM



The RF-1WG6-AM remote features water-resistant and heavy-duty casing, making it Compustar’s most durable remote. The Compustar RF-1WG6-AM gives you the ability to remote start your vehicle’s engine in cold weather. This system is also installable as an alarm system, which will keep you and your vehicle safe.

 Gryphon Corporation  EasyGO Smart Key System
Gryphon Corporation

EasyGO Smart Key System


EasyGo is a multi-featured advanced computerized Push Button Start system that can turn your engine on/off with a button, and lock/unlock the vehicle without the use of a traditional key with additional features, including Remote Engine Start and Vehicle Security. The complete package includes a perfect matched vehicle specific replacement driver door handle with Comfort Entry button, a perfect matched interior dash panel with integrated Push Start button, and two premium Smart Keys. Come see us at SEMA, booth No. 11455.

PolarStart  PS-4681TW-FM 



2-Way LED FM Remote Start system

  • 5-Button FM LED ULTRA SLIM Remote
  • 2-way communication with HDX Technology offering  up to 4000ft of range
  • Visual command confirmation via button illumination
  • 2-way communication with HDX Technology
  • Monopole antenna with embedded bright-blue status LED

Astrostart  RSS-5225



2-Way LCD FM Remote Start system with optional Alarm kit

  • One 2-way, ergonomic LCD 5-button remote control
  • Proven EXRT 900 MHz spread spectrum radio with
  • Up to one mile range (5,000’)
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 30-day battery life,
  • recharges with any mini USB cable or the included charger
  • Built-in door lock relays with auto lock capability
  • Built-in anti-grind and anti-theft relay
  • 4 auxiliary outputs

Autostart  AS-2381TW-FM



2-Way LED FM Remote Start system

  • 5-Button FM LED SUPER SLIM Remote
  • 2-way communication with HDX Technology offering  up to 4000 ft** of range
  • Audio/visual command confirmation
  • Visual command confirmation via button illumination
  • 2-way communication with HDX Technology offering
  • Monopole antenna with embedded bright-blue status LED
  • Multi-car operation
  • Turbo Timer mode

Viper  Responder One

Responder One


Winner of the 2009 CES Innovations Award, Responder One offers one button remote start with range of up to 2,000 feet – plus LED confirmation! It’s our smallest 2-way remote starter ever and includes two ultra-miniature 1-button 2-Way SuperCode remotes.

Encore Automotive Systems  E4
Encore Automotive Systems



The E4 ships with two remote controls: an LCD-equipped, 4-button two-way thin design transceiver and a one-way, sturdy 4-button transmitter. Both employ 56-bit code-hopping technology to eliminate remote signal cloning, and ASK–enabled long-range operation. The additional buttons operate up to two auxiliary functions such as trunk release or add-on remote start, and provide one-button access to the panic/car locator function.

Compustar  SLICE



Slice, also known as the RF-2W940-SS, remote features a thin design that comes in at a ¼”, making it nearly 50% thinner than other remote starters. Slice, which can reach your car from up to 4000 feet away, has 40 times more range than most remotes sold by automobile manufacturers. Slice also uses 2-way communication to give users confirmations whenever lock or start commands are successfully transmitted.

AutoGuard Vehicle Security  GS-750RA
AutoGuard Vehicle Security



The GS-750RA is an affordable full featured 2-way alarm and remote start system that doesn’t sacrifice quality and features for a lower price. It comes included with two AutoGuard 2-way LCD remote transmitters built with a high quality metal trim face plate for longer lasting usage and style. Three channel outputs, long distance range of 2,000 ft. remote engine starter, multi-signal detection, door/hood/trunk sensor, turbo mode, diesel engine compatible, visual, audio, and vibration alert on remote.

Automotive Data Solutions  KLON firmware solutions
Automotive Data Solutions

KLON firmware solutions


New for 2012, Automotive Data Solutions Inc. (ADS) introduces several new KLON firmware solutions exclusively available for download on iDatalink ADS-ALCA and ADS BLADE-AL products:


Industry-exclusive solutions, DL-VO2/VO3/VO4 firmware covers data immobilizer bypass and doorlock interface for the entire Volvo 'push-to-start' model lineup 2007-2012 and the Land Rover LR2 2007-2011. No key to relinquish for bypass operation!

Chrysler push-to-start

Industry-exclusive solution, DL-CH7 firmware covers data immobilizer bypass and doorlock interface solution for popular 2011-2012 Chrysler & Dodge 'push-to-start' models including the 300, 300c, Journey and Charger. No key to relinquish for bypass operation!


Industry-exclusive solution, TB-SUB firmware covers data immobilizer bypass solution for complete Subaru lineup including the all new 2013 Subaru BRZ standard key model and 2013 Scion FR-S. Features simple programming with no dealer scantool required for programming and no key to relinquish for bypass operation. DL-SUB databus feature integration firmware is also available as a separate download. A second module will be required at installation.




EVO-ALL is the ultimate and fastest way to expand your control on your car functions with a single all-in-one preloaded interface. The EVO-ALL enables your remote starter, immobilizer bypass, alarm system, GPS system and communication protocol functions in more than 2700 compatible vehicles. With its preloaded technology the EVO-ALL has the fastest installation-time on the market.




Tired of wire cutting, skinning and unexpected challenges in your interface module installations? Speed-up your installations with one of our 5 compatible Fortin EVO-ALL T-Harnesses specifically designed for GM and Chrysler vehicles. Fortin EVO-ALL T-Harnesses are built to fit directly in your GM or Chrysler vehicle while keeping the car factory wiring harness intact.

Smart Start  ASM50BT
Smart Start



  • Uses Bluetooth to connect your smartphone and car.
  • The ideal back-up to any SmartStart system if there's no cellular coverage.
  • Will select Bluetooth instead of cellular when the user is in range.
  • Can be added to virtually any installed Polarstart remote starter adding smartphone control to the installed system.
  • Can also be installed as a stand-alone keyless entry system, offering lock, unlock and trunk pop. (Compatibility is vehicle specific; some cars will require an interface or may not be compatible at all).

Clifford  SmartStart Bluetooth

SmartStart Bluetooth


Turn your iPhone, Android or Blackberry into the only car alarm/remote starter controller you need with the new Clifford DSM50BT Bluetooth SmartStart interface. From up to 200 feet away from your vehicle you can lock and unlock the doors, arm and disarm the security system, activate or shut down the remote start system and pop your truck. The DSM50BT is compatible with the original SmartStart and SmartStart GPS for expanded coverage anywhere you have a cellular data connection.

Crimestopper  MS-1 MobileStart™

MS-1 MobileStart™


The MS-1 is an add-on GPS modem which gives the consumer the ability to remotely start their vehicle via computer or any smartphone anywhere in North America. This browser based smartphone interface system also provides theft notification via smartphone by sending text message alerts and can provide unlock assistance when locked out of the vehicle. GPS tracking and speed monitoring is also standard features of the MS-1.

Viper  SmartStart GPS 250

SmartStart GPS 250


The simple graphical interface gives you control over the following features of your installed Viper remote start or security with remote start system:

  • Lock / Arm
  • Unlock / Disarm
  • Remote Car Starter
  • Trunk Release
  • Panic
  • Aux Channels

But, this is only the beginning! Viper SmartStart is loaded with additional features including GPS tracking, SmartSchedule, vehicle status, roadside assistance, home control, parked car finder and more.




DroneMobile gives you the power to remote start, secure, and track your vehicle from the convenience of your smartphone. Compatible with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, DroneMobile is the best way to maximize the security and comfort of your vehicle. Along with basic remote functions such as remote start and door locking, DroneMobile also provides push notifications for alarm triggers or speeding for driver monitoring.

Omega  CarLink-GPS – Smartphone interface system

CarLink-GPS – Smartphone interface system


Start, control, and locate your vehicle from virtually anywhere in the world! Choose from 2 service plans: with or without vehicle tracking. This, combined with multi-vehicle support allows you to customize performance and features to each vehicle. It is plug-n-play ready to all Excalibur 40 series, 50 series, and BLADE compatible systems or can be installed as a stand-alone system. Alerts include alarm trigger, low battery, geo-fence violation, speed violation, and more.

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