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Scosche EFX Subwoofers

Optimized for small enclosures, EFX Competition subwoofers are bigger and stronger than ever. Beefy 2.5-inch Ultra-High temperature voice coils, heavy double stacked magnets and large vented pole piece make up a motor structure that handles more power and plays louder than any EFX woofer before. With woven tinsel leads, heavy duty push terminals, stitched and bonded large rubber surrounds and one piece IMPP parabolic cones the EFX Competition subwoofers deliver. For more visit www.scosche.com in Canada visit www.staub.ca


Konaki KO1207A

The Konaki KO1207A is designed for high performance competition, serious power and great value. Distributed by 7 Elephants, a very well established brand maker in the consumer electronics industry for over 17 years, the Konaki brand has very quickly established a reputation for delivering consumer electronics products such as the KO1207A that meet the demands of increasingly sophisticated enthusiasts. The Konaki brand is delivered to market through a network of service oriented retailers who understand the value of long term relationships with consumers. For more visit www.konaki.com or call (800) 977-9779.

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Speed-up your interface installations with Fortin EVO-ALL preloaded modules

The advantages of using preloaded modules:- Save multiple installation steps with EVO-ALL preloaded modules. Resulting in a significant reduction in installation time.- Performing a complete installation is possible even if you do not have access to the Internet to load…
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JBL MS-A1004 Amplifier

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Should I Amp Or Should I Go?

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Orion XTRPRO154D Woofer Review

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