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Hifonics Car Audio Introduces their new line of Brutus Elite Amplifiers

The Hifonics Brutus Elite Series represents the famous Brutus Super D-Class mono blocks, with the addition of three Class A/B full range stereo amplifiers. The Brutus Elite series mono blocks offer High Efficiency Super D-Class Technology that is a tried and tested technology and feature 4/2/1 Ohm Stability, Bass EQ with 45 Hz Bass Boost and Variable Low Pass, Subsonic Filter, Phase Shift and Level Control plus many more features.

Mono Block Amplifier Features

•New Retail Design
•Black Heat Sink
•Illuminated Brutus Name Plate
•Balanced Input for MX accessories and Line Drivers
•Hifonics “Super D”
•TM Digital D-Class Technology
•4/2/1 Ohm Stable
•Blue “Military Grade” PCB
•Bass EQ with 45 Hz Bass Boost
•Brutus Bass Remote Included
•High Dissipation Heat Sink
•Variable Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Phase
•Shift and Level Control
•RCA Inputs and Outputs
•Built-in system Diagnostics
•Link N’ Sinc Linking Capability BRE2500.1D

A/B Series Multichannel Amplifier Features

•New Retail Design
•Black Heat Sink
•Illuminated Brutus Name Plate
•A/B Analog Class Amplification
•Blue “Military Grade” PCB
•4/2 Ohm Stable
•High Dissipation Heat Sink
•Multi Channel 4/3/2 Channel Configurable
•Perfect Compliment to Brutus Elite D-Class Mono Blocks
•High Speed MOSFET Output Devices
•Variable Low Pass, High Pass,Band Pass
•RCA Inputs and Outputs
•Built-in system Diagnostics
•PWM Power Supply

Hifonics Brutus Elite Series D-Class Mono Amplifier Performance

BRE1100.1D           1 x 450 @ 4 OHMS, 1 x 800 @ 2 OHMS, 1 x 1100 @ 1 OHM D-Class
BRE1600.1D           1 x 600 @ 4 OHMS, 1 x 1200 @ 2 OHMS, 1 x 1600 @ 1 OHM D-Class
BRE2000.1D           1 x 700 @ 4 OHMS, 1 x 1400 @ 2 OHMS, 1 x 2000 @ 1 OHM D-Class
BRE2500.1D           1 x 850 @ 4 OHMS, 1 x 1700 @ 2 OHMS, 1 x 2500 @ 1 OHM D-Class

Hifonics Brutus Elite Series A/B Multi Channel Performance

BRE100.2                2 x 100 @ 4 OHMS, 2 x 200 @ 2 OHMS, 1 x 400 @ 4 OHMS
BRE 60.4                 4 x 60 @ 4 OHMS, 4 x 120 @ 2 OHMS, 2 x 240 @ 4 OHMS
BRE 100.4               4 x 100 @ 4 OHMS, 4 x 200 @ 2 OHMS, 2 x 400 @ 4 OHMS

For more information, please visit www.hifonics.com/pasbg


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