PAS 2018 147 Feb Mar Cover

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We're back from yet another exciting and exhausting SEMA show, and boy do we have a bunch of cool s [ … ]

PASMAG Dec Jan 2017 146 001

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Land of the freeway. Home of the burnout.

Do you remember the days when muscle ca [ … ]

PASMAG TE Trucks 7 2017 Cover US

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Lifted, Leveled, and Low

We’re back! This is our 2nd annual Tuning Essentials: Tr [ … ]

Ultimate Performance Guide Vol 5 PASMAG Tuning Essentials v1

The “Go Fast” Issue // If you picked up this issue looking for fast cars, fast parts, and fast stories, you’re holding the right magazine, buddy. If you’re holding this issue and wondering if we have any subwoofers in here, [ … ]

PAS 2016 141 Feb Mar Cover V01 USA

Did 2016 SEMA long to you?

Just one last terrible pun to start off the year right! Let me have this one, guys (also, I make no promises about that being my last pun).

Enough about my terrible sense of humor though, let’s get to business her [ … ]

PAS 2016 Tuning Essentials Car Audio 07 Cover

Listen Up! ‘Tis the season to run around in a panic, trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, as you try to drown out the sounds of your wallet wailing in protest. Maybe you’re also trying to drown out the sounds [ … ]

PAS 2016 Tuning Essentials Tuning 365 Cover

Tuning on the Mind, 365. If you live your life a quarter-mile at a time, 2016 was quite the eventful quarter mile. From the initial acceleration to the blaring red brake lights, 2016 has taken (Bowie, Prince, Harambe [a prince in his own right [ … ]

PAS 2016 Tuning Essentials Trucks 5th Edition USA

PASMAG Trucks is back again for its second run in 2016! We’re glad you could join us for another issue full of the baddest trucks and truck products the industry has to offer. From skyscraper lift kits to ground-level body drops, there’ [ … ]

PAS 2016 140 Dec Jan Nostalgia USA

Classic Rewind. Throwback Thursday? That’s weak, bro. You can take your hashtags and kick rocks because PASMAG is making the last month of 2016 and the first month of 2017 and making it all a look back at some of the tuning world’s [ … ]

PAS 2016 Tuning Essentials Performance 4th Edition Cover


In case the cover of this issue left you with any doubts, what you are holding right now is the special Performance issue of PASMAG, chock full of everything designed to make cars go faster, handle bet [ … ]