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October 2014

The Mobile Electronics issue is a very special publication for PASMAG each year. It honors our beginnings as a print publication and the reason we are here today. We are one of the few magazines that have supported the car audio and [ … ]

Aug/ Sept 2014

Source of Fiber - Slek Designs BMW Z4 M

The BMW Z4. It’s a car you don’t often see in tuning circles, and rarer still in hardtop form. As a sportscar, it might be the Bavarian automaker’s truest offering: the long front end, sh [ … ]

June/ July 2014 Retirement Plan: Mark Buffington's Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII

Some folks have 401k plans, money in the bank from years of hard work, and IRA accounts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some people, like magazine editors, [ … ]


Tuning Essentials: Style 2014 Book


DeviantART Lexus IS350 by Rob Evans & VIP Auto Salon

When the new IS was unveiled last year at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, mouths salivated at the sharp new styling and b [ … ]


April/ May 2014


All in the Family: How a Vision of SEMA Supremacy Became Reality

Salik Zaki's journey to the top of the Tuner Battlegrounds Competition has been nothing short of determined. Entering into the first-ever Tuner Battlegroun [ … ]


February/ March 2014 Godfather of VIP: Takakuni Jo's Lexus LS460L

With its radical styling and kick-ass customizations, the Lexus LS 460L on these pages took Japan by storm before doing the same here in North America at the 2013 SEMA Show [ … ]


December/ January 2013 Hidden Treasure: Steve Meade's Lexus ISF

Brand loyalty is a coveted asset in the automotive marketplace. Every manufacturer strives to craft a following of enthusiasts of a certain sort: people who are well-enough o [ … ]


October 2013 The Cover Car

Tanner Foust is now as recognizable for his work behind the wheel of a rallycross car as he is for the television hosting, drifting and stunt work that started his career. That’s thanks, in large part, to Andrea [ … ]


September 2013: Forced Induction Special The Cover Car Expertly Cultivated: 1972 Nissan Skyline GT2000

For some reason, the best tuners are often the ones that were purchased with little to no planning in mind. Case in point, Jacob Reini [ … ]


August 2013: Old School Special Edition

I hate to say it, but after August we’ll be heading into fall. It’s hard to think the summer can go by so fast. Nonetheless, we’ve jam packed our August pages so you won’t think about going to school and g [ … ]