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AudioPROphiles: Brian Mays

Vehicle: 2002 Chrysler 300M Special
Team: Team Elite / Chryster 300M Enthusiasts Club

Competition Sanctioning Body: MECA
Competition Class:
Noteworthy Scores:

Awards: 2013 SC Soundfest State Finals State Champion, [ … ]

Audio Prophiles Matt Kory 2

Vehicle: 2005 Chevrolet Express
Team: XS Power
Competition Sanctioning Body: dB Drag, IASCA, MECA
Competition Class: Bass Race 159.9, Super Street 5+, IDBL Advanced 3, Bass Boxing Heavyweight, Sound Pressure Format M5, Park & Pound DB5
No [ … ]

AudioPROphiles: Kirk Proffitt

Vehicle: 2005 Acura TL
Team: Zapco / XS Power/ Audio X
Competition Sanctioning Body: MECA, IASCA
Competition Class: MECA Modex, IASCA Pro/AM
Noteworthy Scores: 98/100 Install at the 2014 MECA World Finals, Highest SQ Score IASCA Pro/AM 2 [ … ]

Kenwood XR-1800P Component Speaker Review

For the last year or so, people “in the know” have been raving about the performance and value of Kenwood’s Excelon Series XR-1800P component loudspeaker system. Designed for audiophiles on a budget (or simply anyone who’s l [ … ]

PASMAG XS Power Battery SMD-3400R-UnderHood

XS Power introduces the new D3400R right terminal,  group 34R style battery. Offering real power and unreal performance, the D3400R is another in the long line of OE fit batteries from XS Power. There’s a limited supply, so be sure to get your [ … ]

MTX 7512-22 Subwoofer Review

If you’ve been into car audio for more than about 15 minutes, you know the name MTX. Long known for rugged and reliable high performance products, MTX has been the choice of SPL champions, sound quality tweaks and everyone in between.&nb [ … ]

Hertz Mille MLK 1650.3 Component Speaker Review

Since the introduction of the series some 15 years ago, the Hertz Mille loudspeakers have been directed as a reference series for enthusiasts. Developed by a dedicated team with a passion for music, each new iteration of the line has been designed [ … ]

Helix DSP Pro Signal Processor Review

When it comes to properly tuning a serious car audio system, many experts believe that the basic crossover and EQ adjustments found on today’s head units and amplifiers are woefully inadequate. For serious tuning, you need serious equipment, [ … ]

Alpine SWT-10S2 Woofer Review

Although many of our readers lean toward high-performance, sports-oriented vehicles, a lot of us also enjoy having a truck for hauling parts, towing other toys and simply for daily driving when the weather sucks. Of course,  we all need good a [ … ]

PASMAG DD Audio TS Series Subwoofer Top

DD Audio's new TS series of subwoofers are specifically tuned for the customer who is looking for a high-end American made sound quality subwoofer. DD Audio subwoofers have always been know as some of the loudest and toughest subs on the planet, bu [ … ]